I just don’t like running

I hate running, always have and I know I always will.

Running just doesn’t come naturally to me.

I am a very physical, naturally athletic person. I know I am not built to run though. I tend to get side cramps and need to stop frequently. I also run from the knee down rather than my whole leg. My tiny strides mean I hardly move. I run 10 minute miles and for me, that is just shameful. I hate running away from water, a bathroom and shelter. I hate running in shoes and being stuck wearing a coat or getting rained on. At one point I did go to a gym that offered personal training. I had the fitness expert correct my breathing, stance and strides. Running got easier and I was faster, I still hated it though. After I moved away and lost my private fitness session, I hardly run now. I do a yoga or gymnastic based work out most days. For cardio I will jump rope, swim in the pool or bike ride. Since I am in such good shape a lot of people want to know my run times. I also get friends trying to get me to do marathons or triathlons. It is ridiculous that I am most nervous about running a few miles. I can do it, but the times would be pathetic. Maybe someday I can find a method that works for me. I might try running barefoot or sticking to a paved track. Perhaps there are other elements at work and that is why I hate it so bad.

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