Pageant fitness

My sister grew up doing beauty pageants and competitions. When she was little it only mattered how cute and good she was at her talent. As my sister got older she realized that she had to put more effort into how well spoken she was and her appearance. There is a fine line between being thin and too thin. My sister also was soft all over, no muscle tone at all. In order to compete to the level she wanted to, my sister needed to do personal training. Thankfully our city has a core progression fitness nearby that my sister did pageant fitness classes. I didn’t want her to do it alone, so the two of us did semi-private fitness training. It was really nice that the personal trainer didn’t have a set workout plan. Thought I was going to do all things geared towards a pageant girl. My sister did a lot of weight training. She lifted low weights for high reps in order to tone her arms but not bulk. She used tons of weight lifting machines for her legs, shoulders and butt. Also, my sister did a lot of yoga poses and holds. For me, the fitness expert had me doing way more cardio activities and more hardcore lifting. I got to use rowing machines, run on treadmills, use battle ropes and jump rope. It was extremely fun for me and I was near my sister the whole time. My sister is out of the pageant game now and I am kind of sad. I loved that fitness class.
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