Trying to get some type of workout in on vacation

Anytime I go on vacation I make sure to have a place that I can work out in.

Preferably I like to have some type of fitness room with equipment to play with. There are lots of different types of workout rooms I have found. A gym means you are most likely getting weight lifting machines and a few pieces of cardio equipment. With a health club I know I can expect perhaps a yoga studio or maybe a pool. That is one of the only terms I know for a fact that I can have a locker room and a towel. A fitness center usually means it is mostly machines with very little square footage. On vacation, I take what I can get through. I like going to foregin countries and driving around to different towns. When I am in a big city, I can expect to have some type of facility to work out in. Sometimes I get a pool, spa, or sauna as well. When I go to the little towns on vacation that are essentially motels, I am totally out of luck. I usually hope to find a place that has a lot of grass outside or a clear running path. I usually then will do a yoga or tumbling based work out right outside of my hotel. It is nice feeling safe and being right near my room. It is not the best work out since I am subjected to the outdoor elements and barefoot in the grass, but sometimes I have to make sacrifices in order to work out.



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