Using a fitness expert occasionally

My roommate and I recently started going to the local gym.

It is interesting that we head to opposite sections.

My roommate is a little guy so he is always hitting the weightlifting section. He does the machines that target back, shoulder and triceps. He lifts free weights to do biceps. I frequently see him messing around on the weight bench with a big barbell above his head. For me, I don’t want to gain mass but lose it. I head over to the cardio machines and I work to get my heart rate up the whole time. I run on the tradile, the elliptical, stationary bike or even do a fitness class. Our gym offers personal training and group fitness classes. I have used both of those resources. When my workouts get stale, I like doing a group class to get more ideas on what to do. I also get a good stretch in, meet some people and am held accountable the whole class. I use a fitness expert occasionally to see if I am messing things up. The fitness expert has fixed my running strides, breathing and warned me to stretch before getting on machines. It has been so beneficial. I have tried to talk my buddy into using a personal trainer for assistance, but he refuses. He just does the same thing everytime we go to the gym. A certified fitness expert could really help him target those same muscles but in different ways. It must get so stale and boring for my roommate too. I don’t know how he can stand it.



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