We really love our rustic meets traditional home

Rustic meets traditional is a really great theme.

When I purchased my forever property I was astonished at the amount of wood in it… I had wood ceilings, walls, trim, baseboards & the rugs were also brown. I hated that the property had a colonial look. It even came with an outdated wood stove & wallpaper with small houses on it. I knew I needed to make the property look more modern, however the drawback is that I don’t unquestionably have an eye for interior design. Rather than spend a huge amount of money on furniture & pillows that I might not care for in a few weeks, I called in the professional. I was actually astonished that the woman loved my property. She kept telling myself and others that we had great bones or a wonderful canvas to task with. I didn’t really believe her, I thought my property looked like something from the 60s & couldn’t be fixed. The interior designer got to work on the theme rustic meets traditional. She said that she wished to keep some of the wood touches while adding a modern flair. I provided her uninterrupted work while I stayed in my rental property that I had a few weeks left on the lease. Once it was time for myself and others to eventually move in, I got to see the final product. Rustic meets traditional is a really great theme. The interior designer kept my wood ceilings but sanded & painted my wood walls white. There is no longer carpet, but grey/cement looking tile. I have all current ceiling fans, curtains & furniture in the area as well. Yes, the cost was expensive! However, I was entirely fortunate that I literally needed to do no work & my property is perfect.
French provincial manor