What do I do with the yoga studio?

When I bought my house I knew I was getting a lot of weird features.

I think the person before me was quite the wellness and fitness guru.

On one of my living room walls it is a rock wall. I also have stairs added all over the place that are unnecessary. The back deck on the house has random hooks and holes in it that I believe what one point had fitness gear in it. The backyard shed was definitely a yoga studio at one point. There are thin mats overtop of cement. The whole shed is insulated with a ductless mini split. On one hand that is super cool. I have a totally climate controlled, well kept facility. On the other hand, I am not a fitness or exercise kind of guy. My idea of a workout is walking to dinner or maybe casually swimming in a pool. The yoga studio doesn’t really appeal to me. I would like a place to put my tools in and do woodworking. It seems a shame to totally ruin the obvious gym set up. The inside of the house is going to be fixed though. Who wants a rock wall stretched in their home? The backyard deck is going to be ripped up in pieces so I don’t trip over random hooks or lose stuff down the holes. I wonder if the person before me was a personal trainer. After I fix my home I will feel like a lazy turd though. I am removing all the fitness and healthy things in my home to make it easier to sit down and have no movement. I am slightly ashamed.


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