What kind of carpet cleaning to do?

When I looked into having the floors in my commercial space professionally cleaned, I didn’t realize there were different carpet cleaning techniques.

I was only familiar with steam cleaning.

However, I did some research to learn the pros plus cons of each cleaning technique. I wanted to know what to expect from each idea plus make an educated and good investment; My building includes several kinds of textiles, including carpets plus upholstery, plus I hoped to get them as fresh as possible without damage. So steam cleaning is also known as hot water extraction and is the most common professional carpet cleaning method. It uses hot water at high speeds to penetrate the carpet fibers plus split down the dirt plus bacteria concealed within it. A washing agent is included plus spread by way of a brush to assist in the removal of debris. The hot water is then pushed by a vacuuming process. Steam cleaning takes around an hour for the average sized apartment plus several hours for the carpets to dry, for my commercial building, I’d need to have the process done outside of usual business hours plus allow time for the carpets to dry overnight. Another plan is absorbent compound washing, which is a dry cleaning. The absorbent compound binds to dust plus other substances within the carpet. A brush is used to clean the fibers plus then everything is vacuumed up. This idea avoids wet carpets. There’s also bonnet cleaning that focuses more on the carpet top. It uses a machine that features a spinning pad soaked in a cleaning agent and basically polishes the carpet’s top.

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