Who can lose the baby weight first

My friend Taylor is a one upper.

It is constantly a race to see who is better at what. When we both had boyfriends, it was the race to see who got married first. Then it was a fight to have a better house. After this it was touch and go who was going to have kids first. I never want to compete in any of these things, but I can tell when my buddy is doing it and I can’t help myself. The newest competition is definitely who can lose the baby weight first. Taylor is already bragging about her new juice diet and that she goes for power walks. I am thinking of cheating in a way. I noticed that there is a core progression near me. I am debating on going to the gym and taking either a group fitness class or doing fitness coaching privately. I could get a certified fitness expert telling me what to do. There is no way I know better than a personal trainer on how to work out. At a gym I simply run on a treadmill or sit on a stationary bike with a book. A personal trainer I think could help me lose weight faster and tone my muscles up. If I do this plan, I am not going to tell my friend what I did. I don’t want her to copy my idea and start showing up for my physical training sessions. I want her to think I am just naturally losing weight faster and better than her. I know it is petty, but I am caught up in the competition.

Semi-Private Fitness Training