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They wanted someone to perform routine air filter changes and vacuum debri away from the heating and cooling components

Rich people truly make me laugh. Sorry, that’s an extremely broad and classist statement; I’m sure that not all wealthy individuals are as humorous as I’m describing. However, there is a particular sect of them that has been so entitled and privileged, they barely can even function as a growing adult. I know this for a fact, because I work and live with several of them. These individuals come from generations of family wealth, and they have definitely acquired a different mindset than I have. Most recently, I saw this demonstrated in a hilarious job posting that I found online. The people actually created an online job position that was asking someone to manage their HVAC system for them. The family was often traveling, but usually in town. However, even at home they didn’t feel as though they had the capacity to keep an eye on their central heating and cooling system. They were looking for someone to come in and make sure they were using HVAC best practices. They wanted the smart thermostat programming to be updated every week, according to new changes in their schedule and alterations in the outdoor air quality. They wanted someone to perform routine air filter changes and vacuum debri away from the heating and cooling components. Lastly, they needed someone to personally schedule and attend all professional ventilation service appointments for them. When I spoke to these jaded folks on the phone and asked about their HVAC concerns, they told me the job was largely available because between the kids, dogs, and HVAC system, the nanny was getting burnt out.

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Seal off the vent

We didn’t really think much of it, except to make sure that the heat wasn’t turned up too high to burn the cats

About a year ago I started working a new job and one of the first changes that I implemented was for us to get cats. Yep, you heard me right, I brought two felines into our workplace almost immediately. You see, I work in the craft beer industry and we had a bit of a rodent problem. We were always battling rats and mice because of all the grain that we use in our product. Although we had internal and external exterminators routinely servicing the facility, we simply couldn’t get the rodent population under control. As soon as we introduce cats, the problem was gone. In fact, the cats pointed us directly to the rat safe haven within a few days. When we first introduced the cats to our production space, we noticed that they really liked to hang out in front of the heating air vent, in particular. That made sense to us, because cats are known to love warm spaces. Of course, they would seek out the warm air vent and set up camp right in front of the wonderful, commercial heating system output. We didn’t really think much of it, except to make sure that the heat wasn’t turned up too high to burn the cats. After a few weeks, we noticed that they spent less time sleeping in front of the air vent and more time staring at it. It wasn’t long before we understood why. Although the cats probably enjoy the warm, comfortable air up by the heating air vents, they were much more interested in the rap superhighway that was contained within the air ducts.

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Researching commercial HVAC systems

I don’t know anything about installing or wiring of these Advanced indoor Heating and Cooling appliances.

When my bosses said that they wanted to move into a new larger production facility, I thought that it was a really great idea. We had outgrown the production capacity at our current place, and it was clear that we needed to expand if we were going to continue pushing our product into new states. It shouldn’t be a super complicated plan to set up a second facility in the same city, but the people that I work for rarely think things through. They want everything to just work out, and don’t want to pay the money for professionals to make it happen. This is exactly how I wound up with the task of researching Commercial Heating, Cooling, and ventilation solutions for the new second facility. You might ask, do I have any experience in the HVAC industry? The answer is no! I have never worked in air quality control or ventilation before. You might think that I am a particularly handy or electrically Savvy human, and you would be wrong. I don’t know anything about installing or wiring of these Advanced indoor Heating and Cooling appliances. You also might wonder if I’m familiar with the OSHA requirements for ventilation controls in an industrial space. Again, the answer would be no. I am in no way qualified for this task of choosing an industrial Heating and Cooling plan, but somehow I’m expected to make it happen. I hope they’re ready to pay for an expensive commercial HVAC consultation, because I am not going to make these expensive ventilation decisions on my own.

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Quarterly review included thermostat settings

For about a year I’ve been telling everyone that my job is way more difficult than it should be.

I work in an industry that should be fun and relax, but instead upper management has made it extremely stressful and tedious.

I feel like my personal responsibility has no boundaries, and I can be accused of anything at anytime. Everyone is always all up in arms about something or another, and if you aren’t around to defend yourself, they start pointing the finger in your direction. For me, this is extremely stressful and causes me to have sleepless nights. When I tell my friends and family how dramatic and difficult my job is, I feel like they don’t believe me. They think I should be having fun and I must be over complicating things. Luckily, I have proof after completing my quarterly review with my boss the other day. We sat down and started discussing my performance, and everything was going fine. Then, he suddenly brought up the thermostats. He told me that he wasn’t sure how to break it to me, but the HVAC system has been going completely unmanaged. He noticed that the monthly energy bills were increasing all the time, and it didn’t seem like our central heating and cooling system was being properly serviced. He told me it was really disappointing that our air temperature control equipment wasn’t a major priority for me, and he hoped to see improvement in the air quality before our next review. I thought this was unusual feedback, but it definitely proved my point so that I was the chosen vessel of culpability… especially considering my job title is Accountant.



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Immediately losing privileges

As soon as my finger hit the thermostat screen, random function started popping up and suddenly I heard of the furnace kicking into gear

I’ll never forget the first time that my boyfriend let me stay over at his house when he was gone. He needed to run off to work first thing in the morning, and I had no reason to be there until much later. As such, he told me to lock up the house when I left and gave me the Wi-Fi password to do whatever I needed to in the meantime. I was happily working away, plugging numbers into an online database, when I realized that it was feeling a bit stagnant and weird inside. The outdoor air temperature had recently been changing, and the indoor air temperature wasn’t keeping up. There wasn’t enough natural ventilation for the indoor air to moderate itself, but the central thermostat was power down. There was zero indoor air temperature control and the air started to feel pretty stagnant. I was honestly having trouble focusing on my work because I couldn’t breathe while. I innocently walk down the hallway and touch to the thermostat to see if I could change the current HVAC settings. As soon as my finger hit the thermostat screen, random function started popping up and suddenly I heard of the furnace kicking into gear. There were a lot of loud sounds and banging noises coming from the heater closet, and I was desperately trying to operate the thermostat to power the forced air furnace back off. I couldn’t figure it out, and within a few seconds there was a huge bang and the furnace stopped working. Well, now I don’t know how to tell my new boo that I was only at his house for a few minutes before I completely destroyed his central heating system.

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Spoiled manager can't handle the thermostat

Somehow, all of this pathetic information was justification for his inability to manage the central heating and cooling system at work

I don’t know if I will ever understand privilege humans. I personally came from a background of poverty and blue collar workers, so the whole idea of expecting anything from life is foreign to me. I grew up knowing that I needed to work hard if I wanted to survive. No matter what is asked of me, I will get it done because there are no other options. Conversely, when speaking to people from privileged backgrounds, they very often have a sense of entitlement and refuse to be cooperative throughout their lives. This even pervades their professional lives, and causes them to be unfortunate co-workers and managers. Yes, I’m speaking about one person in particular right now. My manager at work is one of the most spoiled and entitled humans I’ve met. He doesn’t think that he should have to be a responsible employee, because he isn’t a responsible adult. The other day, he was telling me that he shouldn’t be responsible for the office thermostat because he can’t even manage his own indoor air temperature control at home. Apparently, he forgets to manage his central heating and cooling system all the time. The air conditioning system is always running at 65 degrees and he often forgets to have it serviced before the summer settles in. He never remembers to change out his air filters or have his air vents scrubbed, and he realizes that this causes him to pay a lot of extra money on his monthly energy bills. Somehow, all of this pathetic information was justification for his inability to manage the central heating and cooling system at work. Look, if you want to be personally irresponsible that’s one thing… But your HVAC entitlement must end at work.
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Dreaming of a perfect life

This year has been an unusual one in my life.

I’ve gone through particularly chaotic times and massive changes in a very short amount of time.

To be honest, I don’t know if my brain has really caught up with everything that’s happened. I probably need more time to get my thoughts together and process all of the absurd life changing events that has gone on. However, I’ve been a little bit busy thinking about the future. Since everything completely exploded, that means I can rebuild my life in any way that I want. For the first time in a long time, I’ve actually been dreaming about what my ideal life would look like. It might be strange, but there are certain household things that I truly want in my brand new existence. For instance, I desperately want a home with a porch and a backyard. I want to have some distance from my neighbors and to be surrounded by trees. When I’m inside, I want to have the best indoor air quality control system available on the market. I don’t want to worry about having uncomfortable on even hot and cold temperatures every day. I truly despise the thought of manually adjusting my thermostat several times a day to keep up with the changing outdoor air temperature or my busy schedule. I also despise the idea of paying as much money to the Energy company as I have historically. All in all, I’m quite positive that my new life needs to include upgraded Central Heating and Cooling appliances. While thinking about my future life, I will be planning backwards until I obtain the best HVAC system on the market.

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Dropping hints

Whenever this time of year starts to roll around, I start to be very careful about what I say. In the months leading up to the holiday season, I have to be very cautious when I’m indicating interest in anything. There have been many years that I’ve accidentally expressed enthusiasm for something that wasn’t actually very impressive, and was quite disappointed to receive that item as my gift when Christmas morning rolled around. Last year, for instance, I was being kind about a friend’s recent craft projects and mentioned how beautiful they were. In fact, they were hideous, but my husband didn’t know that. Her junk crafts were exactly what I received for Christmas. This year, I’m not taking any chances. I have been carefully writing out small scripts to relay to him everyday so he knows what to get me for the holidays. First, I started mentioning that the indoor air temperature seems like it was unevenly hot and cold all the time. I talked about the drafty feeling in our bathroom and bedroom. I mentioned that to the indoor air filter has been getting increasingly dirty and difficult to change with each passing month. I also started discussing at the increasing energy pills that we’ve been paying for. From time to time, I bring up smart thermostats and their ability to centrally manage all of your indoor air quality control maintenance appointments. I fawn over the thought of saving energy each month. I’ve even been leaving newspaper clippings around the house, featuring coupons from local HVAC companies. This Christmas, I will get an HVAC upgrade.
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Sometimes I get out of control

For the past few months I’ve been seeing somebody new, and I happen to think that it’s going pretty well.

We get along very nicely and have a lot of similar interests.

We enjoy spending time together and doing the same things. We also have very similar viewpoints when it comes to spending and responsibilities, which makes me hopeful for the future. That’s why, I have been getting a little out of control I was trying to impress my new boo. The other day, he kindly left me at his house to do some work while he ran off to his job. I wanted to be helpful, and make his life less stressful and he returned home, so I started cleaning up some dishes. By the time I emptied out the sink of dishes, I noticed that the floor could use a vacuum. After that, it was clear that the windows needed to be washed. When I finished with the windows, I looked up and noticed an air vent over head. On a whim, I ran a dust cloth over the revenge and was shocked when clumps of debris came falling down from the indoor air vent. Suddenly, I found myself on a ladder, taking all of the air vents off the walls. I dug out a Shop-Vac and started vacuuming of the extensive air ducts, which were full of nasty Airborne contaminants. Before long, I had completely scrubbed his expensive air duct system and swapped out the air filter on at the central cooling system. I hope my HVAC service wasn’t going overboard, but when he got home he was thrilled about the indoor air quality. Maybe this is what he wanted from a relationship all along.


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Live-in air quality control specialist

I’m always on the lookout for additional jobs and interesting opportunities to earn an extra box. I don’t enjoy traditional employment where you visit and office from 9 to 5 everyday and perform the same tasks over and over again. I am a bigger fan of having several smaller jobs and a variable schedule that I can change from day-to-day. in fact, one of my jobs has been getting a bit too tedious and difficult recently. I was looking to trade out this position for a new one, if the right opportunity presented itself, of course. I was beyond thrilled when I happened to see a random posting on Craigslist for a job that looks like exactly what I needed. A local family was looking to hire someone as a live-in air quality control specialist for their Estates. Apparently, one of their sons was afflicted with a terrible respiratory diseases that require them to own and operate industrial-grade heating, cooling, and ventilation systems. To keep their young loud happy, they necessarily operated Advanced indoor air quality control equipment that adequately filtered Airborne contaminants and respiratory irritants from the environment. Because the family was so busy, they didn’t have time to keep up with all of the air filter changes, equipment maintenance, and general thermostat programming. They were looking for a highly responsible and HVAC educated adult to manage their host of hospital-grade air quality control equipment. In return, I would get free room and board and a beautiful monthly salary. These days, I’m happily working my brand new HVAC stewardship job and living in the most comfortable indoor air, ever.


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