Winter Finally Arrives

I had the feeling that we were in for a nasty surprise around late winter.

We live in a subtropical area where temperatures rarely get below 30 degrees and the average high temperature for January is 70 degrees.

I prefer the warm south over cold winters. Give me sunshine over snow any day. So, here we were, in the middle of winter, enjoying 80 degree temperatures, all winter long, so far. We took pictures of us swimming on New Year’s Eve and posted it on social media. We were really enjoying our warm winter and wanted to share our joy. Since the first day of winter, I had run my air conditioning more than my heat. So, we knew Father Frost would pay us a visit and pack a solid punch. But, we were ready. Our HVAC unit had just had it’s annual service a few months back and it was relatively new, so we knew it would keep our house warm.It got cold, like we knew it would. A cold front moved in before Valentine’s Day and wouldn’t let go of it’s grip. Morning after morning it was under freezing temperature when I drove my husband to work, for over two weeks. I don’t like the cold at all. I have heat in my car but I still rushed home to my warm house set at my preferred temperature. I’m grateful that I can work in the heated or air-conditioned comfort of my home. Once I get home, I often don’t have to go out again until it is time to pick my husband up from work. Considering some people don’t have heat or air conditioning at all, I really shouldn’t complain too much about the weather.

a/c repairman

Dealing with HVAC technicians is stressful

I am thankful for the work that HVAC technicians do, but that doesn’t mean that I like dealing with HVAC technicians.

My least favorite part about having a broken air conditioner or furnace is dealing with the HVAC technicians, and I say that for many reasons.

First of all, HVAC technicians are expensive. I obviously value the labor and skill of HVAC technicians, which is why I still hire them, but I don’t like paying their prices. I know that HVAC technicians have families, and they worked hard to learn their skills, but I don’t have a lot of money, and my financial situation can be destroyed by a broken furnace. Sometimes, it is difficult to deal with an HVAC technician because they will recommend repairs and stuff that your furnace may not need at the moment, but they think you should pay for it anyway. Another problem that I have with HVAC technicians is that it is hard to arrange a time to get the HVAC technician to come. You have to miss work and change your schedule to let the HVAC technician in your house, and I have heard way too many horror stories to leave the HVAC technician in my house alone. However, my biggest problem with HVAC technicians is how long they take to fix your furnace. They take forever to figure out what is wrong with your HVAC unit, and then, they have to order the part before they can actually fix your furnace. I know that this isn’t their fault, but it is annoying.



Heating maintenance

I bought an air conditioner for my classroom at church

Well, I don’t mind sitting in the auditorium without an air conditioner, but I teach a class upstairs, and it is very toasty

I attend a very old-fashioned church that hates change more than anything else. Obviously, I don’t think that we should change the doctrines or beliefs of our church, but that doesn’t mean that any modern piece of technology is necessarily bad. For instance, it took years to convince our church to install a furnace instead of having a woodstove to heat our entire building. The wood stove didn’t work very well, because there were so many in each building, and nobody had time to get enough wood for the heating system. We finally convinced them that furnaces were okay to have in the church, but we still can’t convince the older people of our church that air conditioners are okay. Most of the younger families have air conditioners, but none of the older people have air conditioners. They only have bad things to say about air conditioners, and they even teach us that air conditioners are evil. We have tried to convince the older people to install a central air conditioner for our building, but they don’t want anything to do with that. Well, I don’t mind sitting in the auditorium without an air conditioner, but I teach a class upstairs, and it is very toasty. Finally, I purchased a window air conditioner to help fight that problem, and I don’t regret it. Some of the older people got mad, but they can get over it. They don’t have to use the air conditioner that I bought, but they can’t get mad at other people for making their own choices with their own money.

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My dreams in life involve having control of the thermostat

I’ve always been on the warm side ever since I was a kid.

I don’t necessarily mean personality wise, although I am a friendly sort of person, I just mean that I am always uncomfortably warm while everyone else is freezing.

My folks always kept the thermostat in the house set to 767 degrees year-round. No matter the season, I was always hot. In the summer I wanted more air conditioning and in the winter I wished for less heating. I hope that things would change when I went to college but I found that my dorm room is just as hot and uncomfortable as my folks home used to be. My girlfriend bought me one of those portable air conditioners to help me out but I don’t have the heart to tell her that it’s not a real air conditioner. Those little portable air conditioners are really just evaporators and they don’t do much at all. What I really want is to rent my own place where I can control the thermostat and be comfortable. I never admit it when people ask me what my dreams and goals are in life. Instead I just say find a good job, get married, have kids, etc. But the truth is, my dream is to have a place of my own where I can set the thermostat down below 60 degrees and finally be comfortable for the first time in my life. Yes, I know this entails getting a job and finishing school but I have to keep my eye on the prize: full control of the air conditioning and heating.


Dial thermostat

Yarn does not belong in A/C system

I love to knit and I’m always making things for everyone that I know. I have yarn stuffed all over the house but I never have enough yarn. That’s why I bought a few more skins of yarn yesterday. However, as I was entering the house I set the skins of yarn down on top of the air conditioner while I got my keys out of my purse to unlock the door. Within seconds, the fan in the air conditioning unit ate an entire skein of yarn and had started on a second one. I quickly ran inside and turned off the air conditioner but it took several seconds before the compressor fan turned off. By then yarn was all wrapped around the fan and the inner workings of my air conditioning unit.I thought about taking the cover off of the air conditioner compressor and removing the yarn myself but I didn’t even know where to start. Besides all of those safety stickers had me worried that I might get electrocuted or cut badly doing this. I decided to call up an HVAC company to have them come out instead. It took the technician a couple of days to arrive but thankfully he was able to fix my air conditioner. He carefully unwound all of the yarn and got my air conditioner back up and running, yarn free. It didn’t cost me very much but I am disappointed that two skins of yarn were destroyed in the process. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to make another run back to the yarn store. At least now I can knit with comfort in my air-conditioned house. I think I will make the nice technician a warm hat for winter.

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The house has been chilly since my fireplace broke

I absolutely love fireplaces.

  • There is just something about fireplaces that makes me super happy.

I love the ambience that it gives a room. I had a fireplace in my living room for several years, and it made me so happy to come home to a warm cozy house everyday. I never realized how much warmth it added to the house until it quit last week. It was an electric fireplace, so we cannot figure out what is wrong with it, let alone how to fix it. My husband said that we are probably going to have to get a new one. We could ask a professional to come over and fix it, but it would probably cost just as much as buying a brand new electric fireplace. I saw a really nice looking fireplace at the store the other day, and I hope that it is still there because I will definitely want that one if it is still available. My husband thinks that it will be cheaper to order one online, so I hope that we can find the same exact one that I saw in the store. It was a cherry wood color, and I love that dark wood look. The one that just broke was a light wood. It was more of a traditional oak color, and I am not too fond of the lighter looking woods. I saw a nice gray stone fireplace at a used furniture store, and I would be okay with that one as well, but I really want the cherry wood fireplace.


Air conditioning repair

I miss having air conditioning in my bedroom

I have always had an air conditioner in my bedroom until now.

As far back into my childhood as I can remember, I can remember having an air conditioner in the window of my bedroom. I got so used to it, that I found out that I don’t sleep well without air conditioning in my bedroom. My husband and I have had an air conditioner in our bedroom for years, and we planned to keep it there until the air conditioner in our living room stopped working, so we had to move the air conditioner from our bedroom down into the living room. I didn’t think that it would be a big deal at first, but I very quickly realized that I don’t sleep very well without an air conditioner in my room. We are going to have to buy another air conditioner for our bedroom because I need to sleep better at night again. It is affecting everything that I do. I can’t seem to get as much done at work or when I come home. It is no fun not being able to sleep well. My husband said that he has actually slept better since we got rid of the air conditioner in our bedroom which makes me feel really bad for saying that we need another one. I just don’t think that I will ever be able to sleep well again until we get another air conditioner in our room. I think that my husband understands, and I know that he will do whatever it takes to make me happy. I wish that he slept better with an air conditioner as well though.


I miss having air conditioning in my bedroom

The resort HVAC job

As a certified heating and air conditioning specialist for our local heating and cooling company, I get a lot of different types of HVAC repair jobs all of the time.

  • It is never a dull moment being a certified heating and air conditioning specialist.

I can tell you that much. I have been at this for the last 5 years and the other day, I had an HVAC repair job that I never had before! It was at this big resort. So I was going to actually be repairing my very first commercial heating and air conditioning system! It was quite surprising that it took 5 years for one of these HVAC repair jobs to come my way. I guess it was just the timing. But let me tell you, this was a pretty tough task repairing this commercial heating and air conditioning system! It was not like repairing a residential heating and air conditioning system for several reasons. One of them being that I was having to get the central heating and cooling system repaired in a quick amount of time since this was a vacation resort with hundreds of people there without heating and air conditioning. Right now they needed the heating up and running again because it was pretty cold outside. So I did my best to get the job done as quickly as possible. I feel that I did a pretty good job in repairing the commercial heating and air conditioning system. There was no complaints from the owners of the vacation resort. I wonder what else I will have as an HVAC repair job next?

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My final thermostat decision

It was coming up on the time that I needed to replace the thermostat for my central heating and air conditioning system.

The only question was, what kind of thermostat was I going to get? Was I going to replace the thermostat with another basic digital thermostat or was I going to get a little more fancy and upgrade to a thermostat that was a bit better than what I had for quite a long time.

After doing some research about the latest in HVAC technology I was reading about wifi thermostats. These are also known as smart thermostats. They used to be pretty expensive to buy. But now days with everything going into smart technology they were not too much more than if I was to go and get a replacement digital thermostat for my central heating and air conditioning system. So I made my final decision to go and get a wifi smart thermostat for my central heating and air conditioning system! I called the local heating and cooling company and told them what I wanted. They had plenty of smart thermostats in stock because almost everyone was going with the smart thermostats these days. The HVAC rep I spoke with on the phone told me that it is actually pretty rare that someone wants a regular digital thermostat anymore. So now I have a brand new wifi smart thermostat on its way to me in the next week or so. I am very much looking forward to it as well! I may even be able to instal it all by myself I was told.


Commercial air conditioning system

Modern space heaters don't scare me nearly as much as their predecessors

I found a space heater with two important safety features

There are a number of examples of old technology that drastically improved overtime. So much so, that modern examples outpace those of their vintage predecessors. Personal computers are probably the easiest example of all. Nowadays a cell phone has the computational power that far exceeds what a dozen or so room-sized computers back in the 1960s could have achieved. Although many car enthusiasts hate how computers are now inextricably tied with car mechanical repair, it’s hard to argue that cars have never been safer to drive or as fuel efficient as many of the hybrids and electric cars are by nature. But, when it comes to indoor heat, I assumed that things had changed much since my childhood. What I’m referring to is space heaters. We nearly caught our home on fire once when I was 5 because our dog bumped into one that we had on an end table. The heater fell onto the carpet and flames shot up within seconds. It was a close call to say the least. Thankfully, many of the space heaters that you’d find at any retail store are in many cases safer than their vintage predecessors. I found a space heater with two important safety features. First of all, it has a tip over switch on the bottom that kills power to the device if it starts to tip on whatever surface it is sitting on. Secondly, there is an overheat detector built inside that kills power to the device if it is left on for too long and the internal temperature climbs above a certain threshold. Having these two key safety features makes me a lot more calm over using a space heater in my home.