I hope the core progression stays in business

My town has never been able to support a gym.

People come in and decide to open up either a body wellness center or just a straight gym.

The issue is that I don’t think there are enough people in town that work out. The newest gym I am hopefully for. A core progression opened up near me and it is awesome. The gym has locker rooms with showers that have great water pressure. There is all sorts of fitness equipment like weight lifting machines, cardio machines and a giant yoga studio to stretch or do classes in. Yeah, that’s right. A core progression does offer personal training. You can do private fitness coaching or a group class. The classes offered are really neat like spin class, yoga, physical training, body recovery and even bodybuilding. I already have signed up to do a few classes. I am worried that the core progression spent too much money. Everything is top of the line and brand new. There are tons of certified fitness experts walking around in the gym. On one hand it is great. On the other hand I am worried the gym won’t be able to afford this massive overhead. I plan to utilize all the classes and equipment offered while I can. The last thing I want is to have the best gym in town shut down without me trying it. I hope it lasts though. Being able to take a group fitness class is so much fun. I don’t want to go back to working at a small, dirty gym.

Certified gym

Who can lose the baby weight first

My friend Taylor is a one upper.

It is constantly a race to see who is better at what. When we both had boyfriends, it was the race to see who got married first. Then it was a fight to have a better house. After this it was touch and go who was going to have kids first. I never want to compete in any of these things, but I can tell when my buddy is doing it and I can’t help myself. The newest competition is definitely who can lose the baby weight first. Taylor is already bragging about her new juice diet and that she goes for power walks. I am thinking of cheating in a way. I noticed that there is a core progression near me. I am debating on going to the gym and taking either a group fitness class or doing fitness coaching privately. I could get a certified fitness expert telling me what to do. There is no way I know better than a personal trainer on how to work out. At a gym I simply run on a treadmill or sit on a stationary bike with a book. A personal trainer I think could help me lose weight faster and tone my muscles up. If I do this plan, I am not going to tell my friend what I did. I don’t want her to copy my idea and start showing up for my physical training sessions. I want her to think I am just naturally losing weight faster and better than her. I know it is petty, but I am caught up in the competition.

Semi-Private Fitness Training

Using a fitness expert occasionally

My roommate and I recently started going to the local gym.

It is interesting that we head to opposite sections.

My roommate is a little guy so he is always hitting the weightlifting section. He does the machines that target back, shoulder and triceps. He lifts free weights to do biceps. I frequently see him messing around on the weight bench with a big barbell above his head. For me, I don’t want to gain mass but lose it. I head over to the cardio machines and I work to get my heart rate up the whole time. I run on the tradile, the elliptical, stationary bike or even do a fitness class. Our gym offers personal training and group fitness classes. I have used both of those resources. When my workouts get stale, I like doing a group class to get more ideas on what to do. I also get a good stretch in, meet some people and am held accountable the whole class. I use a fitness expert occasionally to see if I am messing things up. The fitness expert has fixed my running strides, breathing and warned me to stretch before getting on machines. It has been so beneficial. I have tried to talk my buddy into using a personal trainer for assistance, but he refuses. He just does the same thing everytime we go to the gym. A certified fitness expert could really help him target those same muscles but in different ways. It must get so stale and boring for my roommate too. I don’t know how he can stand it.



Weight lifting

Pageant fitness

My sister grew up doing beauty pageants and competitions. When she was little it only mattered how cute and good she was at her talent. As my sister got older she realized that she had to put more effort into how well spoken she was and her appearance. There is a fine line between being thin and too thin. My sister also was soft all over, no muscle tone at all. In order to compete to the level she wanted to, my sister needed to do personal training. Thankfully our city has a core progression fitness nearby that my sister did pageant fitness classes. I didn’t want her to do it alone, so the two of us did semi-private fitness training. It was really nice that the personal trainer didn’t have a set workout plan. Thought I was going to do all things geared towards a pageant girl. My sister did a lot of weight training. She lifted low weights for high reps in order to tone her arms but not bulk. She used tons of weight lifting machines for her legs, shoulders and butt. Also, my sister did a lot of yoga poses and holds. For me, the fitness expert had me doing way more cardio activities and more hardcore lifting. I got to use rowing machines, run on treadmills, use battle ropes and jump rope. It was extremely fun for me and I was near my sister the whole time. My sister is out of the pageant game now and I am kind of sad. I loved that fitness class.
Cross fit gym

It ended up being in a spa

When I went on vacation I booked a hotel that I believed had a gym.

The pictures online showed me a treadmill, jump rope and plenty of space to stretch. I figured it was good enough and booked it. Well, the hotel actually had a health club rather than a fitness center. There were saunas, steam baths and hot tubs. I could store my things in a locker and shower right in the health club. It was all about relaxation and the place must have been set at 90 degrees. The gym was really a small closet with random fitness gear. The gym also was attached to the sauna. So the one treadmill and jump rope were in a small room that was extremely hot. Working out on that trip was extremely difficult. I would steal towels from the spa portion and then use them to mop myself up in the gym. I would strip down to my underwear and hydrate every few minutes. It felt like I was doing a hot yoga session only more intense. I still ran on the treadmill, jumped rope and stretched, it was just awful. The only good thing is that my muscles were super loose. I was able to stretch and feel great after my workout. I would sweat out all the toxins and feel very refreshed after my shower. Ironically I only used the worst part of the spa. I never ended up going in a hot tub, getting a massage or sitting in a steam bath. I just worked out in a very poorly climate controlled gym.


Gym local

I just don’t like running

I hate running, always have and I know I always will.

Running just doesn’t come naturally to me.

I am a very physical, naturally athletic person. I know I am not built to run though. I tend to get side cramps and need to stop frequently. I also run from the knee down rather than my whole leg. My tiny strides mean I hardly move. I run 10 minute miles and for me, that is just shameful. I hate running away from water, a bathroom and shelter. I hate running in shoes and being stuck wearing a coat or getting rained on. At one point I did go to a gym that offered personal training. I had the fitness expert correct my breathing, stance and strides. Running got easier and I was faster, I still hated it though. After I moved away and lost my private fitness session, I hardly run now. I do a yoga or gymnastic based work out most days. For cardio I will jump rope, swim in the pool or bike ride. Since I am in such good shape a lot of people want to know my run times. I also get friends trying to get me to do marathons or triathlons. It is ridiculous that I am most nervous about running a few miles. I can do it, but the times would be pathetic. Maybe someday I can find a method that works for me. I might try running barefoot or sticking to a paved track. Perhaps there are other elements at work and that is why I hate it so bad.

Fitness coahing

He’s not in shape to do it anymore

I have a vacation destination that I have wanted to do for years.

I need to fly around 8 hours to a foreign country and at least spend two weeks there. I will need to rent a car in order to drive to all the major cities. While on vacation there are tons of physical activities I want to do. I figured out that in order to see the best sights and landscapes, you need to hike. The shortest hike is around three miles. One of the better hikes takes 10 hours and you need to climb up a part of a mountain. I also want to paddle board or kayak through fjords. I additionally plan to rent ATVs and also bike through the city. Needless to say, it is going to be a very physical trip. When I first got together with my boyfriend I talked about it with him. He was excited to go but we didn’t have the money. I have been saving and now, three years later, the two of us can go. My boyfriend has seriously let himself go in those years. I don’t think he can hike even a mile now. There is no way he could stand up on a paddle board or pull his own weight in a kayak. I don’t want to do the trip and not do it right. If he can’t physically keep up with me, the whole vacation will be ruined. How sad is this, I am debating on asking my mother to go with me instead. She goes to the gym daily and is in way better shape than my 28 year old boyfriend.

Yoga studio

What do I do with the yoga studio?

When I bought my house I knew I was getting a lot of weird features.

I think the person before me was quite the wellness and fitness guru.

On one of my living room walls it is a rock wall. I also have stairs added all over the place that are unnecessary. The back deck on the house has random hooks and holes in it that I believe what one point had fitness gear in it. The backyard shed was definitely a yoga studio at one point. There are thin mats overtop of cement. The whole shed is insulated with a ductless mini split. On one hand that is super cool. I have a totally climate controlled, well kept facility. On the other hand, I am not a fitness or exercise kind of guy. My idea of a workout is walking to dinner or maybe casually swimming in a pool. The yoga studio doesn’t really appeal to me. I would like a place to put my tools in and do woodworking. It seems a shame to totally ruin the obvious gym set up. The inside of the house is going to be fixed though. Who wants a rock wall stretched in their home? The backyard deck is going to be ripped up in pieces so I don’t trip over random hooks or lose stuff down the holes. I wonder if the person before me was a personal trainer. After I fix my home I will feel like a lazy turd though. I am removing all the fitness and healthy things in my home to make it easier to sit down and have no movement. I am slightly ashamed.


Cross fit gym

Trying to get some type of workout in on vacation

Anytime I go on vacation I make sure to have a place that I can work out in.

Preferably I like to have some type of fitness room with equipment to play with. There are lots of different types of workout rooms I have found. A gym means you are most likely getting weight lifting machines and a few pieces of cardio equipment. With a health club I know I can expect perhaps a yoga studio or maybe a pool. That is one of the only terms I know for a fact that I can have a locker room and a towel. A fitness center usually means it is mostly machines with very little square footage. On vacation, I take what I can get through. I like going to foregin countries and driving around to different towns. When I am in a big city, I can expect to have some type of facility to work out in. Sometimes I get a pool, spa, or sauna as well. When I go to the little towns on vacation that are essentially motels, I am totally out of luck. I usually hope to find a place that has a lot of grass outside or a clear running path. I usually then will do a yoga or tumbling based work out right outside of my hotel. It is nice feeling safe and being right near my room. It is not the best work out since I am subjected to the outdoor elements and barefoot in the grass, but sometimes I have to make sacrifices in order to work out.



Physical Training Programs

Going to the gym isn’t really the same right now

With COVID-19 still being a thing, I have nowhere to work out.

I rent an apartment in the city with very little property.

The inside of my place is not very spacious either. I only got the place since it is close to bars, shops, restaurants and work. The fitness center I go to is only 5 minutes away. If I wanted, I could ride my bike there and back. Well due to the virus, nobody is going to the gym unless you take a ton of precautions. My gym wants me to wear a face mask at all times, not use a towel in the locker room and only be there at certain times. I hate being planned and working out with a mask is downright horrible. I have given up on using my gym membership. Working out at home isn’t easy though. I don’t have the space to really do anything. I also am unsure on what to do. Without any fitness equipment, there is nothing I know what to do. I bought myself a jump rope and I do that occasionally. Sometimes I go for bike rides or run through town. If I decide to stay home due to weather or motivation, I basically crunch and stretch. I know I am not getting the best workouts. I just don’t have the motivation or skill set to come up with a good hour work out with nothing around me. Hopefully the virus situation gets resolved quickly and I can go back to my gym like normal.


Going to the gym isn’t really the same right now