Most people don’t understand the difficulties of working as an HVAC contractor

I understand that when the outdoor temperature is down to twenty degrees, people can’t live without a working heating system.

As an HVAC technician, I often hear complaints about the prices we charge for installation, maintenance and repair. I ignore the complaints. The job is very strenuous. As an HVAC technician, I’ve invested heavily into my education and the tools of the trade. I work very long hours. As an HVAC technician, my days are extremely busy. In the morning, I am given a long list of the houses in a broad area that require some type of service. Depending on what time of year it is, there may be problems with furnace and boilers or with air conditioners and dehumidifiers. When people have a complaint with their Heating or A/C units during times of severe weather, they are in a hurry to get it fixed. When I come across an HVAC unit that is not working properly, I first need to figure out what is causing the problem. I run a thorough diagnostics. I’ve learned that every Heating and A/C unit is different. Depending on the age of the equipment, the household and the level of regular maintenance, the repair can be anything from a buildup of dust to a damaged motor. I often need to both thoroughly clean the inner workings and install replacement parts. No matter how quickly I complete the repair or the price I charge, most people are unhappy. They don’t seem to value my time. However, I am on call 24/7, often rushing out in the middle of the night to repair a furnace. I understand that when the outdoor temperature is down to twenty degrees, people can’t live without a working heating system. I drive over icy roads through blizzard conditions to repair the heating system as quickly and effectively as possible. I expect to be compensated for my efforts. I need to earn my living performing these repairs.




Modern HVAC units have improved comfort and safety

When the pilgrims first arrived in this country, they did not have a modern heating system to keep them warm.

The whole-home furnaces we have today didn’t exist back then.

Most people during those times would burn coal or wood to heat their homes and cook their meals. Unfortunately, when these people arrived in the country, they did not have the resources to build a fireplace in the home. Instead, they would typically build open fires in the middle of their house. These dangerous heating methods resulted in a lot of fires and deaths. When fireplaces became more commonly used in homes across early America, conditions became somewhat safer. However it was still a struggle to keep the house warm at night without constant effort and supervision. Without air conditioning, people built their houses to effectively facilitate natural ventilation. Hospitals were at risk of spreading bacteria and germs. Air conditioners are helpful in keeping air quality in hospitals healthy. Conditions in older hospitals were hot and damp, which promotes the spread of disease. The advances in Heating, Ventilation and A/C technology has enabled us to be a lot safer and healthier. Furnaces are far safer than fireplaces and open flames. Central cooling allows hospitals to maintain more sanitary conditions. HVAC units have a reputation for being expensive to purchase and repair. HVAC contractors charge a great deal to service and repair heating and cooling equipment. However, the price of Heating and A/C units has gone up partially because they are more technologically advanced, offering greater safety, efficiency and comfort.


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I can’t imagine what it would be like to live without HVAC

Before the 19th century, people had no access to central cooling or forced air furnaces.

It isn’t that heating or cooling systems were overly expensive or scarce. HVAC system had not been invented yet. For the thousands of years that humans have inhabited the earth, there were no whole-house heaters or air conditioners like we take for granted today. I often wonder what it would have been like to live when there was no access to a central thermostat. From reading various books written during that time, I don’t think people felt their lives were all that difficult. People went about their days, worked, had families and managed without the comfort of central air conditioning. From what I have read, people constructed their houses so that there was less need for air conditioning. The location and layout of their house was designed to allow for natural cooling, avoiding the need for air conditioning. Without no whole-house furnace to rely on, people had several choices. They could construct the house partially underground and use the stable temperature of the earth to stay warm. They could live closer to the equator so that they did not require a heating system in winter. Finally, they could use a wood stove and get through even cold weather without a furnace. This was a common type of heating. With a wood stove, people can cook and heat the house. There was a nearly endless supply of wood to use as fuel. This fuel source was free. I am very relieved to have access to a thermostat, central air conditioning and a whole-house furnace with ductwork.


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I am taking the courses to become an HVAC contractor

I am entering my senior year of school.

I am enrolled in an HVAC course! As graduation approaches, more people have been asking me the same question.

They want to know what I plan to do after graduation. I have considered heading to college but hate the idea of student loans. I thought about going straight into the workforce, but worry that entry level jobs don’t pay much. For a long time, I had no idea what I should do. Then I heard that there was an HVAC dual-credit course offered to seniors. This HVAC course would become one of my required electives for graduation. If I decided to enroll in the HVAC trade school afterward, it would also count toward a final degree! The more I considered becoming an HVAC contractor, the more the idea appealed to me. As an HVAC contractor, I would have job security and a great deal of possibilities. I could find a job anywhere across the country. I will take the classes during the morning, and later in the day, I have the chance to work under an HVAC professional as an apprentice. I even get paid to work. The wages I would earn as an HVAC apprentice would be around the same as working in the field. HVAC contractors make a good living and are always going to be in demand. It is a chance for a secure future for me. I just need to apply myself and pass the many certifications. To get hired by a good HVAC company, it’s necessary to be licensed, insured, bonded and NATE and ACCA certified.

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My son plans to attend HVAC trade school

I am happy to live in a world where anyone can choose to become whatever they want to be as an adult.

  • My child is preparing to graduate from school.

My wife and I have tried to help him figure out what he wants to do with his future. Just recently, Matthew told us that he’s decided to become a licensed HVAC professional. During his senior year, he plans to take a dual-credit course at a local trade school. This would begin his training as an HVAC contractor. Once Matthew graduates, he will immediately transfer into the HVAC program. He’d skip ahead of all of the people who didn’t take the preliminary course. Matthew explained that the HVAC field is a growing industry. Since people aren’t going to suddenly decide to go without heating or cooling, and it’s something that’s needed everywhere, he will have job security. HVAC professionals are paid well for their work. He will also save a lot of money on maintenance and repairs for his own Heating and A/C equipment. He has offered to help us service our air conditioner and furnace. The best part is that the cost of becoming a certified HVAC professional is much less than a college education. Matthew can start off his life without any debt from student loans. My wife and I are fully supportive of his goal. We hope our son becomes a skilled HVAC contractor. Maybe he will one day start his own HVAC company. The potential for his success is nearly limitless. He could decide to go anywhere and always have a job.

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My wife hopes to become an HVAC contractor

My wife and I discovered that we are unable to have kids.

Medically, it is impossible. I earn enough money to allow her to stay home. We were planning to have several kids. Sarah’s dream was to take care of the house and our children. Unfortunately, since we aren’t able to have kids, Sarah spends most of her time alone. She gets bored and lonely. We have been discussing the possibility of her getting a job. The job Sarah has chosen surprised me. My wife wants to get certified as an HVAC contractor. She has no experience with heating and cooling, so I have no clue where that idea came from. However, Sarah told me that we spend a great deal of money on HVAC repairs whenever there is an issue with our air conditioner or furnace. The cost of installing a new heating or cooling system is astronomical. She wants to be an HVAC contractor so that she can eliminate those costs and save money. Also, she has realized that HVAC professionals earn quite a bit paid of money to help people stay comfortable. Sarah likes the idea of helping people and providing honest work. She just signed up for an HVAC trade school, and I am super proud of her! I am confident that Sarah will be able to pass the NATE-certification exams. She will be a skilled HVAC contractor in no time. I just hope she likes doing the work once she knows more about what it involves.

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Building a new house that doesn’t need heating or cooling

This is without the help of an air conditioner or furnace

I am thrilled that my new house doesn’t require an HVAC system. After reading up on the subject and putting in a lot of research, I have decided to go off the grid. I am completely avoiding the use of electricity in every way. This will be a huge step for me, but I feel that it is the right decision. A lot of people have asked me how I intend to manage without electricity. Their number one concern is how I will be able to get by without Heating or A/C units. Specifically, they can’t understand how I plan to survive without a heating system in the winter. Though living without air conditioning can be uncomfortable, living without a working furnace or other type of electric heating could be a fatal decision. However, because of how I constructed the new house, I will never need to worry about having a heating or cooling system. I realized that I do not need an HVAC system if the house is built underground! My house is entirely underground, other than the roof which is used to collect our water. Living underground, the house remains at a constant temperature. Because of the stable year-round temperature of the earth, the house remains between 60-70 degrees all the time. This is without the help of an air conditioner or furnace. People believe that I am crazy, bt it is a big savings. Do you have any idea of how much money I have saved by not buying an HVAC system? Do you have any idea how much money I save by avoiding the monthly energy bills and potential HVAC repairs? The savings has recovered the cost of building the house.



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I am planning to replace my furnace with a wood stove

Furnaces are very frustrating.

Furnaces are often more of a hassle than what they are worth.

The heating system performs a crucial function in the house. It keeps the house warm throughout the winter with little effort or adjustment on my part. Furnaces are so helpful and convenient until they stop working! Furnaces are a very expensive appliance in the house. Purchasing a furnace in a big investment. The installation costs are considerable. Paying an HVAC professional for repair certainly isn’t cheap either. HVAC professionals can charge a great deal just to show up. Then there is the cost of parts and labor on top of this for the repair. Also, if the power goes out, the furnace also quits working. I am left stranded without heat if anything interrupts the power. In my area that electricity isn’t all that uncommon. This is why I am considering replacing the furnace. Rather than relying on a furnace, I may switch to an external wood boiler. This would permit me to use wood to heat my home. I could also use the wood boiler to heat our household water. I would have a hot water heater and household heating unit that ran on wood. Even if our power went out, I would have no fear of going without heat. I would simply need to cut wood to have fuel accessible at all times! The wood boiler would cost me around $6000 to install, but I think it would be worth it in the long run.

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Trying to spend less on air conditioning

If the a/c stopped working in my car, I was so unhappy! I don’t even like walking form one air-conditioned area to another, because of the outside heat.

Lately, I have become a bit worried about the high cost of running the a/c. I depend on the air conditioner so much. When I was a boy, we never had central cooling in our house. I was able to get along just fine without it. During the hot days, I would play outside near the creek or in the shade of the trees, and I rarely felt overheated. At night, the temperature would drop, so I didn’t worry about having air conditioning to stay comfortable. When I first invested in central air conditioning, I was super excited. Somehow, I wondered how I ever got along before I had the air conditioner. Now that I had the central cooling, I was in paradise! However, once I started relying on the a/c all the time, I noticed that I was unable to tolerate the heat as well. If the a/c quit working, I immediately went anywhere in public where there was an effective air conditioning system running. Otherwise, I felt love I was melting from the heat. If the a/c stopped working in my car, I was so unhappy! I don’t even like walking form one air-conditioned area to another, because of the outside heat. I have begun to worry that I am unable to tolerate heat anymore and I don’t like it. I am attempting to reduce my dependence on the air conditioner and hoping to trim running costs. I am slowly turning up the thermostat to a higher setting. I have noticed the diminishing comfort of the house but I’m spending less on energy bills.


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Pretending to repair the a/c to surprise girlfriend with ring

I had no clue how to go about proposing to my girlfriend Amy.

I am not a big on surprises, and I am also not the type of who plans events in advance. I knew if I told Amy that we were going to a fancy restaurant or on a romantic trip, she would automatically that I was going to propose. This is where our air conditioner helped out. Any knows nothing at all about air conditioners. She is not real familiar with how to turn a breaker off. The plan was so easy. All I needed to do was turn the breaker off and then start to mess with the a/c. Amy was watching my progress, so I asked her if she would hand me tools. Before I started fixing the a/c, I placed the engagement ring inside the toolbox. Once I got to the point where I needed a screwdriver for theA/C unit, I asked her to get it. She opened up the toolbox and immediately spotted the ring! Amy was so excited, and she said yes immediately. I then confessed that the air conditioner was not really broken. I admitted that I had intentionally shut off the breaker to set up the malfunction of the air conditioner so she’d be surprised the ring. She was thrilled with the surprise and also relieved that our cooling system was still in good working order. This was in the middle of July, with an outdoor temperature of eighty degrees. We started the air conditioner back up right away.

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