Calm down and it will pass

There is that seasoned and well accepted saying that says “good things come to those who wait”! Some modern people suppose that’s a cliche.

In some cases, it really is, I’m sure.

But in the case of where it applied to myself and others I know it most entirely was not! I had been trying to save up enough currency for many years to get the best and most top quality central heating and a/c system to purchase for my new home for the past year, and I finally celebrated when I reached that goal. It had been a long haul getting to this point on my own. I have worked a lot of overtime at my job the entire year just to be able to steadily accomplish this. But getting the most top quality and high tech central heating and a/c system was more important to myself and others than foolishly going on getaway or even buying a new car; Central heating and cooling honestly is something that makes myself and others have the very best indoor comfort in my home, and that sought after indoor comfort has been lacking the past few years. It was because my poor old seasoned central heating and a/c system was on its way out for a while now. I had the seasoned central heat and air conditioner machine in my home for almost 25 years, which is several years over it’s regular life span. So I have to say, although I’m ready to upgrade, my seasoned central heating and a/c system was pretty great. However, the time has now finally come to get my brand new HVAC unit!


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We love it here

Living close to the beach at the Summer home myself and my partner own these days is a great thing.

It really makes the Summer weeks great for everyone. Also, the charming ocean breeze that both of us catch all night from it is great air quality all of the time. And that means, both of us never have to worry about getting any kind of working air cleaner for the Summer new home the same way both of us have in our regular house. I’m glad for that, because frankly, I could not afford to invest in 2 weird whole new home air cleaners to operate for a couple of weird houses! About the only thing that I believe living by the beach causes that can be a bit of a hassle is when there is sand that blows through the air during a powerful thunderstorm. When this happens, the sand gets into my central heating and a/c system very rapidly and I have to go out and disinfect it before the sand will unfortunately get inside of it and possibly jam the fan. That would definitely cause my central heating and a/c system machine to break down if enough sandy debri got in there. Of course, the both of us can’t have that happening now can we? No! I proudly have never had to call a certified heating and cooling specialist out here even once for the central heat and air conditioner machine, and we would appreciate to keep it that way.



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I don’t think that’s the way to do it

My neighbors are some pretty different people if you ask me! I try to be open minded all the time, but I can’t get over these folks. They are regularly doing the most unregular things and I just don’t know how to understand them or their ways. But who am I to judge? I am quite sure that I possibly do some things that make no common sense to them or other people. One thing my neighbors do that I completely can’t understand is regularly washing their central heating and a/c system unit with a hose. Of course I could understand if they were getting their extensive air duct cleaned or even washing some kind of washable air filters with a hose all the time. But they are literally regularly washing their actual central heating and a/c system machine with a hose standing outside! Washing the actual central heating and a/c machine is definitely not going to make the HVAC system perform any better indoors. And it’s not as if there was some kind of big dirt or mud storm of some sort in this area that could clog the motor of the central heating and a/c system unexpectedly. They clean it as if they are washing their own car! It really makes no freaking sense to myself and others what so ever! I’m not too friendly with these neighbors, though, otherwise I would really ask them why they are bothering and washing their central heating and a/c unit.It’s a waste of time and water.



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Want me to do well? Give me heat

Back when I was in middle school many years ago I used to don’t like having to do homework! I mean, can you blame me? Really what child didn’t doesn’t dislike doing homework? But I had to struggle through it the same as almost everyone else.

However, if I didn’t have the right temperatures in my bedroom back in those days, I could not do my homework regularly.

At some point this became an issue because in the Wintertide it would regularly get pretty cold. And the seasoned gas furnace both of us had at the time truly just didn’t heat my room fantastic enough. My parents were kind and eventually bought myself and others a portable section heater. The portable oil furnaces in those days were those big and bulky, burning hot things, and in my opinion, not as portable as they claimed themselves to be. But nevertheless, the portable section oil furnace they bought was the answer to my issue… Once I had that portable section heater in my room, I was able to fly through my new assignments every single day of the week that I had to do it. And also, I was able to fall asleep a lot better being nice and hot instead of frigid from the drafty cold air that would end up getting into my bedroom. That large portable section oil furnace was a big life changer for me, however I’m the only one. If these youngsters only knew what portable oil furnaces used to be!
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Let’s see if it’s real

I’m proud to report, I just bought the latest model central heating and a/c system that most recently was put on the market by 1 of the top HVAC brands.

Now, with the heat wave that is on the way, it is going to be a real test for everyone to see if the central a/c is as powerful as the advertisements and the sales rep who I purchased it from claimed it was, the type of heat waves both of us have here in my section are always pretty brutal.

The central a/c I had before was never able to truly handle them that well, so I would have to sit in the apartment with all of the shades down. I can tell you, even that wasn’t enough to go against the bad heat waves. It would actually not be until evening time that my central a/c system would really be able to work to its fullest and cool my new home down… But with this brand new high tech central heating and a/c system that just came on the market, I guess it is supposed to be powerful enough to handle even the worst possible humidity and heat waves! I do not live in the desert, so this should be more than enough to cover the heat wave, at least I would think. But only time is going to tell. When the heat wave arrives next week, I’ll find out if it’s the latest and greatest in HVAC technology.


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I’ll doubt I’ll ever forget this

Way back when, I was attending middle university I remember every one of us had a heating and a/c specialist at the university for fixing the central heating and AC, you are really thinking “so what, who cares, what’s the huge deal?”. Well, the huge deal was that this heat and cooling systems specialist did more than just work on the central heating and cooling unit. This heat and cooling system specialist usually stuck around and performed a mini lecture for a university assembly in which she would talk about the heating and a/c supplier and all about general Heating and Air Conditioning repairs! And this was a huge thing to me, because of that afternoon, it gave myself and others a path to the career I have this week. That lecture from the heating and cooling specialist was what got myself and others seriously interested in the heating and a/c business! All throughout the university I made my plans to go to Heating and Air Conditioning university to get my HVAC certification so I too could be a heat and cooling system specialist and make a difference in my community. And I did just that. But, I did not end up going to work for some heating and cooling company. I built my own Heating and Air Conditioning supplier from the ground up and became a skilled independent heat and cooling system dealer! I have been going strong now for about 15 years, and I do not see my heating and cooling supplier slowing down any time soon. And I owe that all to that Heating and Air Conditioning worker who came to university that afternoon. It genuinely made a major difference in my life.

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How could i have been so dumb

I was trying to install it in a bedroom window upstairs in my home I was living in at the time, and I did not have the perfect fit.

I have had a ton of extra time on my hands lately with an extended chop from my job, so all I do is have time to ponder the past. I was thinking about a ton of things from the years gone bye, and I recalled this a single time when I was young and trying to instal a window a/c unit. That should tell you how many decades back this happened, hardly anyone this month uses window a/c units! How could I ever forget this time is because I ended up completely killing the window a/c unit? In short, with window a/c units, they have to be able to ft 100% perfectly in the window that you are putting them in. I was trying to install it in a bedroom window upstairs in my home I was living in at the time, and I did not have the perfect fit. I should have built some wood barriers around the window to make it fit but I never thought about it. As a result, and not paying attention I ended up pretty much throwing the window a/c component out the windowsill and it blew up on the ground 2 stories down! There was really a mini explosion! And the aftermath of that was a whole bunch of little pieces and chunks of what once was a window a/c unit. The neighbors even called for the cops thinking there was some kind of bomb that went off. Well, there may as well have been a time bomb! I was so embarrassed and felt so dumb.

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The oddest of odd jobs

I have been working in the construction industry for the last 30 years since I was a teenager fresh out of school.

And in my long time in this supplier I have went on all kinds of jobs.

From the genuinely tough to the incredibly simple. But recently, I got a job that I never had in any of my 30 long years in the business! Our crew was given the job of building the layout for the air ducts to go into a central heating and HVAC! That was something I never did and I am not sure why every one of us were hired to finish it. Every one of us are not certified heating and a/c specialists, and none of us believe much about heating and cooling other than how to operate our own central heating and a/c methods! But they had given us the prints to follow so every one of us would believe what to do and how to do it. It was for a house that was almost built. Another construction company built the house, but I guess they did not want to handle the heating and a/c air duct preparation work. What every one of us had to finish was the part that the Heating and Air Conditioning supplier will kneel all the air ducts in. I am going to guess that this home is going to have a new and very up-to-date central heating and a/c method based on the prints every one of us had and the amount of work every one of us had to do. It was an interesting work experience, but I genuinely hope that every one of us never have a job like this again. I genuinely did not ever feel comfortable.



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This company genuinely believes how to advertise

It was a smart transport to drive them out of business, because they ended up going to work for this Heating and Air Conditioning company in the town

Excellent advertising is something I can genuinely admire in any kind of company. The local heating and a/c company every one of us have around here is a single 1 of those that I highly admire for their continued efforts in advertising. They genuinely understand how to get the word out and promote, promote, promote! The heating and a/c company has ads running on all 4 local cable stations, in each newspaper that is distributed in the part and they send out special discount code texts to each of their buyers. This is going to keep this heating and a/c supplier around for a long time I believe. They have been around for about 15 years so far. I can still remember when the heating and a/c company 1st came to the area. They were the new people on the block and they challenged all the local independent heat and cooling system dealers. They even set a few of the heating and a/c dealers out of supplier because they were so fantastic at advertising and giving out wonderful deals, however many independent heating and a/c dealers do not have enough currency to put into this much advertising and discount giving. It was a smart transport to drive them out of business, because they ended up going to work for this Heating and Air Conditioning company in the town. Advertising is the key to wonderful supplier and occasionally even a hostile corporate take over. Which is exactly what happened here. They forced the independent heating and a/c employees to come work for them!


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The end of an era in local HVAC

It was such a deeply sad afternoon when I opened up my local newspaper this past Wednesday.

There was a piece in there that was announcing the demise of the longest and oldest heating and a/c company in the area.

This heating and a/c company was around since even before I was born. And I am in my early 50’s. This is a sign of the times and how many things are changing rapidly in this world. The heating and a/c company was going bankrupt because of all the independent heating and cooling system dealers. They were getting all the business, but granted, in all due fairness they could have possibly avoided this by lowering their prices. That is really what killed the long resting heating and a/c company. They didn’t get the fact that the world had been going through some very tough times with lots of minimum wage workers being the normal class of humanity and the fact that many were losing income in other ways with the new financial depression that set upon us about 5 years ago. If the heating and a/c company would have just worked with the local people and paid attention to what was going on in the world, they might still be going strong and the independent heating and cooling dealers would not have put them entirely out of business. This is for sure the end of a long era. I haven’t used them in a long time for the very same reason no 1 single else has, but I will still miss knowing that they are around.


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