Things are definitely becoming more interesting in my line of work

I guess I became a cop to have a more thrilling life.

Everything else seemed to be either gruesome or boring to me.

I didn’t want to be a surgeon because it took a great deal of school and all the blood, I didn’t think I could deal with it. I didn’t get into the violent crime division, I actually started with traffic violations. Eventually I worked up to investigate crimes like arson, theft and the likes. The partner I was set up with was pretty cool and we actually worked well as a team. We got all kinds of people involved in petty crimes and what not, and I figured it was a start to getting to the more serious stuff. Eventually, the Chief had us investigate a string of thefts involving stolen window AC units mostly. In some cases, they were butchering the outdoor AC condensers and stripping them for the copper that was found inside. I remember telling my partner that was such a waste because those condensers were costly, and the small amount of copper didn’t seem worth the effort for all the destruction. We ended up catching some of the kids involved in the scheme. I thought it was nothing too serious, even though I told these kids they were going to be held liable for all the damages they caused. It turned out, they gave up the bigger fish in the picture. There turned out to be a whole warehouse loaded with stolen goods from refrigerators and big screen tvs to projectors and other pricey items. The kids were put on probation while we put the crime bosses behind bars for many years. Now we’re being promoted and I look forward to seeing what is in store for our career in the near future.



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Nobody seemed sure at first what we should do for the day

The kids had a great time just drawing and doing their activities and I thought the AC in the restaurant was perfect

When I asked the children what they wanted to do, everybody just shrugged because they didn’t seem so sure. Then I shrugged and said, “I guess we can all just chill here in the air conditioning then…” Then my daughter suggested that we all draw pictures together with the AC system cranked up. She said with the air conditioning working hard, we could all eat ice cream without worrying about it melting so quickly. When I thought about it, I supposed that she was right and having some ice cream didn’t seem so bad. I ended up telling the children that we could go out and get something good to eat, and we would have ice cream after our lunch. So I had everybody hop in the car and we went to a local restaurant that also happens to be a dairy shop. The thing that I really loved about this restaurant is the fact that they serve ice cream with the children’s meals! So some of my kids got spaghetti and my daughter got a cheeseburger. We ate our food in the restaurant and the service was fantastic. I also appreciated the fact that the server kept my drinks filled the whole time. We also didn’t have to go back home to draw pictures like my daughter wanted to do, the server provided pencils and crayons with paper and a few activity books for everybody. The kids had a great time just drawing and doing their activities and I thought the AC in the restaurant was perfect. We had a pretty good time and the kids especially enjoyed their ice cream. When we got back home, I just put on a good movie for everybody to watch and soon enough, my wife got back home from work and everybody was happy to see her.

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The HVAC expert who came out has a lot of charisma

When I called a new HVAC company in town, I was actually delighted with the kind person I spoke to on the phone who said an HVAC expert would arrive at my place within the hour.

I couldn’t believe that because a lot of HVAC companies I went through previously would give me a wide time-frame and I wouldn’t really know when the HVAC worker would arrive at my place.

True to their word, the HVAC professional arrived promptly, I believe it was about 45 minutes after I got off the phone with the HVAC company. The HVAC worker was awesome too. He answered all my questions without any hesitation and I could see that the man really knew his stuff. Even when I was no longer asking questions, he kept going on telling me about different heat and AC products that were coming out and I felt like I went into a trance just listening to the man speak. His speech was so eloquent and I couldn’t help but listen. He told me about very interesting systems like dual-fuel heating systems, radiant heated floors, and geothermal HVAC systems. He even spoke of the importance of good air purification in the home. I ended up buying a portable UV air purifier off him and he said I wouldn’t regret the purchase. It’s funny because when I had a party the upcoming weekend, I called the HVAC professional up and asked if he wanted to come to my BBQ. He came out and he was a huge hit with all my friends and family. I bet the guy could go into business for himself because he sold everybody a UV air purifier and even got some of my people to enroll into a service contract with his HVAC company.



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I was totally spoiled back when I lived with my folks

I honestly was a little spoiled back in the day when I was living with my parents.

  • Not only did I have a bunch of different gaming consoles along with my own computer, we also had a zoned HVAC system! That’s right, I had my own thermostat in my room that I was able to adjust as I pleased.

Given, my father became angry a few times because I was cranking the air conditioning a little too much. My defense was always the fact that the energy bills didn’t spike that much because the ductless HVAC system was so energy efficient. He claimed that I was putting wear and tear on the HVAC system and I said that as long as the system was properly maintained, it shouldn’t be an issue. I wasn’t exactly wrong but my father often would ground me from my computer and gaming consoles because he said he didn’t like my attitude. I guess it’s just always the way I have been, that was until I moved out on my own to see what life was really like. I had to learn to work multiple jobs while managing my time so I would get enough sleep. It wasn’t easy having to commute around and go to school at the same time, but the energy bills also became a huge concern. I had to study all sorts of energy saving tips like using LED light bulbs and making sure everything was unplugged and turned off. I didn’t do that back at home, but having spoken to my parents about it, I have apologized to them for my behavior over the years like cranking the AC when we should be saving energy.


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My wife shut my show off on me to play her game

It was about a week ago when I was watching one of my favorite shows on television; Ghost Adventures.

I don’t know, I just enjoy seeing these guys out there at different haunted locations capturing all kinds of EVPs and other evidence of the paranormal.

It’s a fascinating subject to me. Well, my wife got home after she was done shopping at the store. She picked up a bunch of groceries and asked me to go unload the car and bring everything in. By the time I got everything in the house and put it away, I went back to the room and found my wife was playing a battle royale game in the bedroom. She turned off my show that I was watching and everything, and I had it on pause so I wouldn’t miss anything… I was perfectly content just relaxing with the AC cranked up in the room. I guess she felt the air conditioning was an invitation for her to take over the room because the rest of the house was a little bit overheated because I don’t like to waste using the central AC while relaxing in the room. Fortunately, I have a window AC in my office too, but not a big screen TV. I ended up buying my wife a new gaming console of her own so she could enjoy playing her battle royale game with the AC cranked up as much as she wanted. I moved my gaming console and connected it to my office computer so I could watch my shows when my wife chose to take over the bedroom.

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I’m glad my buddy was so passionate about the ductless mini split system

The other day, I was talking with my buddies about different heat and AC products.

I kept saying how miserable I was because I was only using window AC units and I really wanted something better.

One friend of mine was saying how he used the portable AC units and they weren’t so bad. He said he loved the fact that he could move the AC equipment from one room to the next, so long as he had a window to put the hose through. I honestly thought it was better just to be using window AC units instead of a portable cooling device. Another friend said it’s really all about the ductless HVAC systems. I threw my hands up in the air and said there was no way I would be able to afford something like that. That’s when he laughed and said it’s really more affordable than I would think. He said that we had something in common and that’s the fact that we are homeowners. He said all it takes is a few holes drilled through the walls. This really made me squirm thinking about the damage I might do to the house. I thought even if I did go for this ductless HVAC system, I would likely need professionals to install the thing. He told me that’s the beautiful part, that the average homeowner can handle such an installation. I thought it was kind of pricey, but definitely cheaper than a professional installation, so I purchased a ductless mini split. All my buddies helped with the installation and suddenly, I had excellent cooling in my home! I’m glad my buddy was so passionate about the ductless mini split system.

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Had my buddy help me look over the HVAC equipment in my new house

When I bought a new house in a rural location, I decided to have my buddy come out to check out my HVAC equipment.

My buddy is an HVAC professional and he is someone I entirely trust. Well, he pointed out that my oil furnace was only a few years old and it was actually very energy efficient. He said I could probably make it through the winter if I refilled the oil tank once, but I wasn’t so sure. He told me that I would be surprised with some of the modern systems because the energy efficiency keeps improving tremendously. He said he realized that the cost of oil is more than natural gas, he said these oil heating systems are actually much safer. I never really thought about that. I actually was thinking about putting the oil furnace up for sale, but my buddy made me realize that I would be better off just keeping it. I also have a fireplace that he checked out, but he told me I would have to hire a chimney sweep to take care of it. He said it was really nice though and he couldn’t wait to relax and have drinks in front of the fireplace while watching some football. The last thing he checked was the cooling system. He pointed out that my cooling system was actually old and I should replace that. I asked what I should go for and he said he would help me install a ductless mini split air conditioner. He said I would save a lot of money with the installation and the energy savings because it was also highly energy efficient.


I didn’t expect my father to start a new career when he retired

When my father retired, I actually thought that he would take it easy and enjoy his retirement.

He made a lot of money during his career, but I guess he was not finished.

Instead of going out to play golf with his buddies, he decided to focus on going to school again. He went to a trade school to get his HVAC certification. I was shocked when I learned he was making more money than I was, and I thought my career wasn’t terrible. He also got his retirement money on top of what he was earning, and he seemed to be very happy about it. He eventually convinced me that it would be wise to get into the HVAC industry also. I ended up taking night classes and then we decided to start a business together. My father took care of all the paperwork and together we worked on people’s heating and cooling systems. Eventually, we were able to hire more workers and we started making a killing together. We did this work together for a good decade before my father developed some serious health complications. He had me take over the business, but I have him to thank for such a successful career. He really showed me the way. I don’t know how much longer he will be around, but I’m glad he has been recovering lately. I always tell him he needs to get rest, but he talks about getting out into the field and working on HVAC equipment. I guess it’s something that he entirely enjoys these days. I can’t say that he didn’t enjoy his retirement, because it makes him smile whenever we talk about different HVAC jobs we have done like installing radiant heated floors in a mansion.

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The last business meeting made me feel like I might pass out

The last business meeting I was in was excruciating.

It honestly seemed like everybody was too afraid to say something about the horrible temperature control settings and the brutal air quality.

There was dust floating everywhere like somebody was dusting and lifted all the dust into the air. I kept sneezing and people kept saying “Bless you.” I felt like I was going to pass out because there was hardly any AC coming into the room. I guessed that the ductwork system was blocked up because it probably was never cleaned. Towards the end of the business meeting when people were asking questions, I asked when we could get some HVAC maintenance done in the building because it was so stuffy. Other people agreed with me after I asked this question. It seemed that enough people cared to make the management call up a local contractor to take care of the ductwork cleaning and have an air purification system installed. When the ductwork system was cleaned, the air quality improved a great deal. It was almost too good to be true. I suddenly felt like I could breathe easier at work and I thanked the bosses for taking care of everything. They actually seemed to be pleased with the improvement of the air quality in the building as well. The UV air purification system they installed was working great too, and that made people feel comfortable because the UV light was working to kill harmful pathogens. After learning about the UV air purification installation, I have been talking to my wife about installing something like that at home.


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Had to show my buddy the right type of air filters to get

I could tell my buddy was embarrassed the other day when I asked him about the poor air quality in his apartment.

I asked if he replaced the air filter and he said he did.

Well, I insisted we check the air filter anyway and it was totally clogged up. He was more embarrassed at that moment. Then he said he would change the air filter right then and there if it would make me happier. I couldn’t believe he had the cheapest air filters I ever saw inside of a box. They were so flimsy and didn’t seem like they would improve the air quality at all. He quickly tried to pull the old air filter out and jammed the new air filter in so hard that it actually bent out of shape and suddenly was no good. I had to point out to my buddy that those air filters really weren’t too good. He tried to protest saying that he was saving money since he got a pack of 6 for only $5. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing because good air filters are way more expensive. I told my buddy that you basically get what you pay for and it’s worth it to keep up with good air quality. I finally showed him the air filters he should be buying, and he didn’t seem to like the price. I helped him buy this pack of air filters though and you could actually notice an improvement in the air quality after a few hours of relaxing in his apartment.

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