Can you find an HVAC system that is smaller?

After learning we needed a new HVAC system, I asked the HVAC tech if they could find something similar. We had the HVAC system in the house for almost twenty-five years, and up until the last three years, we had no problems. It kept the house comfortable, and we had no problem with the air quality. We wanted the same brand, but something that maybe more energy efficient. With the price of energy going up, we wanted to save as much money as possible. He looked at the brand on the HVAC and started going through his files. He told us he was going to go with a higher tonnage for the air conditioning since we had teenagers in the house. He was looking into a more compact furnace, and he wanted a higher SEER, which was the energy efficiency rating. The HVAC system was more expensive than we had planned for, but it was going to be perfect for our house. The work was estimated to begin two weeks later. We were waiting for the HVAC equipment to be delivered, and shortly after, the HVAC technicians would do the installation, and there was a glitch. We were told that some of the ductwork was crumbling and it would need to be replaced. I shook my head and said no. If we needed new ductwork, we were backing up and going in a different direction. Instead of adding thousands of dollars to the price, I wanted a ductless HVAC system for the house. He said it wasn’t too late to change our minds, and he understood why.


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The realtor told us the house had brand new HVAC.

When the realtor told us there was a new HVAC system in the house, we didn’t think it was necessary to have an HVAC inspection done.

  • We thought we were getting a home that had been completely remodelled, and had a new HVAC system installed.

The realtor had spoken a blatant lie, and had written it down on the paperwork we had from the sale. Three months after moving into the house, my husband called to have the furnace checked. We heard some odd noises and wanted to make sure there was nothing wrong. He told us the noises were from a small hole in the ductwork, and it would need repaired, but the furnace was shot. We would need a new furnace, and possibly a new air conditioning unit. I called the realtor as soon as he left and asked if she was sure there was a new HVAC system in this house. She pulled out her copy of the paperwork and said that is what was on the paperwork. It was three months, and she couldn’t remember us. It didn’t take long to find out she was wrong about it. The HVAC system had been replace almost twenty-five years earlier. I called her boss, and he had a lot of questions. It didn’t change the fact that we needed a new HVAC system and ductwork, but she had to make restitution to us since she was aware it was old, but wrote down it was new because the seller didn’t want to invest in an HVAC system for a home they wouldn’t be living in.


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I needed a traditional style of water heater

There are limits to even the newest technology.

I thought I would be able to invest in the newest and most impressive water heater on the market… but I was advised against it.

Much to my surprise, the consultant I spoke with said that the newer models are much better for small homes. I have five kids, plus my wife and her mother, who all live with me. The demands for water use were so frequent in my house, that the consultant recommended a more traditional model of water heater. The tankless water heaters are superior to the traditional kind in almost every way. They are small, they are more energy efficient, and they have a lifespan twice that of traditional water heaters. The downside is that they can only heat so much water at a time, which makes them perfect for a single person, or a couple, but not for a whole family. The tankless water heaters warm up the water on demand, but they can only heat so much of it at 1 time. Even though the traditional water heater used more energy, and had a far shorter life expectancy, it was the best choice for my family. The way I see it, this water heater should last me long enough for my children to move out on their own. When it is just me and my spouse, it will be time for a new model, and we can get a tankless water heater. Of course, by then I’m sure there will be an even more efficient and powerful water heater on the market.

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You can’t rely 100% on heating equipment

Without fire, humanity would not be where it is today.

  • Without fire we never would have built cities, made tools, developed medicine, or cultivated crops.

The power of fire, and how we manipulate it, is the keystone for modern society. Fire can be a destructive force, which is why modern technology has focused on producing heat without using fire. Personally I feel that everyone should know how to make fire, just in case modern technology fails us. I don’t want to sound paranoid, because I rely on modern technology every day of my life, but I also want to know how to provide my own heating if I need to! I grew up in a very small town, so things like emergency 24 hour heater repairs were not available to us. We were on our own through the winter, and if the furnace broke then we had to set something on fire so that the subzero temps didn’t eat us alive. This actually happened a few times, to the point that my mother learned how to fix a furnace in the pitch black of the basement. My advice to you is no matter where you live, make sure you aren’t 100% reliant on heating equipment. Can you provide heating to your family without electricity? If not, you need to take a long look in the mirror. Relying on HVAC for temp control is something we all do, but you can’t trust it. Trust yourself, and make sure you know how to use a fireplace, or make a bonfire, if push comes to shove.


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Everyone was watching the game when the lights went out

Here in my house, everyone is a fan of baseball.

When it is baseball season, there is a game on in every room of the house.

My husband has a different favorite baseball team from my son and my daughter and they all have a couple of teams that they cheer for when their favorite team isn’t in the playoffs. The playoff rounds started this week and everyone was watching the baseball game in the living room. I made some nachos with beef, beans, cheese, and tomatoes. I also made some quesadillas while everyone was watching the game. I don’t really care for baseball so I don’t mind making food for my family while they watch tv. Everyone was watching the game when the light suddenly went out. My husband went to the garage to check the fuse panel. There was no rain or lightning outside and it was very strange that the power suddenly went out. I looked outside and everyone on the street was out of power. We couldn’t watch the game because the power was out and I could not use the stove or the oven either. We sat in the dark for a while. It wasn’t very comfortable inside of that house without the air conditioner. I told the kids to open up some windows in the living room where we have screens. It was humid outside, but there was a breeze and that helped cool down the temperature inside of the house. After a couple of hours, the power was restored and the air conditioner came back on. We had to watch the news in the morning to see who won the game.


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The pot luck was canceled after the AC broke down

Last Saturday there was a big football game and everyone in the apartment community decided to get together to have a potluck lunch. The football game was at 3:00. I made a couple of different things for the football game. I made a spinach and artichoke dip, a broccoli and cheddar dip, and a dip that has ranch, chicken, and ham. I had a lot of food in the kitchen at 11:00 when I got a phone call that the potluck was canceled. The apartment community manager arrived at the place to get the decorations set up and it was apparently very warm and humid. I got the information from one of my neighbors. The AC repair company was called because the maintenance guy could not figure out why the AC wasn’t working. The repair company couldn’t get there until 2:00. The manager was worried that the AC would not be fixed before the football game was supposed to start and she called everyone in the apartment community to cancel the get together. I called a couple of my neighbors to see if they wanted to get together at my apartment. I have a small one-bedroom place, but it is big enough for a small get together. There was absolutely no way that I was going to be able to eat all of the food that I made, so I invited a couple of people. As soon as everyone found out that I was going to host the event, my apartment filled up with people fast. Before I knew it, there were 20 people watching the game in my living room.


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The air purifier removes allergens from the air

Allergens can cause a lot of physical problems.

Allergic reactions can include pain, itchy skin, diarrhea, swollen lips or throat, a runny nose, and even coughing or wheezing.

There are certain medicines that can help with allergic reactions, but they usually leave me feeling groggy and tired. The doctor prescribed me an allergy medication that was supposed to be non drowsy, but it still makes me fall asleep every time I use it. I absolutely do not prefer to use allergy medications if I don’t have to. The last time I went to the doctor, he wanted to discuss the problems with my allergies. The doctor also said that I could qualify for a free indoor air cleaning machine from the insurance company. Because of my allergy status, I could get an air cleaning machine at very little cost to me. The doctor wrote me a prescription for the air purifier and I went to a medical supply place to have it filled. The medical supply place had to order the item. They did not have anything in stock. I ended up paying 10% of the fees for the air cleaning machine and the insurance company covered the rest. The indoor air cleaning machine removes 99.9% of all indoor allergens and that includes dust mites, mold, mildew, animal hair, grass pollen, and even common odors and smells that can trigger allergy responses. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I’m even sleeping much better thanks to the air purifier. I rarely wake up at all in the middle of the night to sneeze, cough, or blow my nose.

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I like to spend the day with my friends

It is absolutely one of the most relaxing ways to spend the day.

During the week, I really don’t have much time for my friends. Ever since I started working at the commercial and residential heating and AC repair business, I have been busy. I get up in the morning at 7:00 a.m., so I can be at the office by 8:00 a.m. There are some days when I don’t get back to my apartment until after 10:00. That is an incredibly long day for anyone and I have to spend the day doing physical labor. When I am not working on commercial and residential heating and air conditioner repairs and installation jobs, I like to go fishing with my friends. On the weekends, my friends and I usually hang out. We go to the river to go fishing or we spend the day doing a different outdoor activity. I used to spend all day in my house playing video games and then one of my friends introduced me to the world of fishing. Now I could spend every single day fishing if I don’t have to be at work. It is absolutely one of the most relaxing ways to spend the day. This week I had three residential AC installations and two commercial HVAC jobs that did not go very well. When Jack called me to go fishing on Saturday, I was ready for a break. My friends and I went out to the river and we rented a pontoon boat for the day. We drove up and down the intercoastal waters looking for the best fishing spot.
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My mom made food for the work party

I started working at a new HVAC repair and installation business. I started a couple of months ago and now we are getting close to the holidays. The boss scheduled a winter party for everyone at the HVAC repair and installation business. The party was held at the HVAC repair business. Everyone in the office was supposed to bring a covered dish. Most of the guys said that their wives were going to make something yummy and delicious. I don’t know my way around the kitchen, so I was planning to buy something from the store. I mentioned the party to my mom when I was at her place a couple of days later and she offered to make food for the work party. My mom is an excellent cook. Everything that she makes is delicious and tasty. I was very happy when she said that she would make something for me to take to the HVAC repair and installation business Christmas party. My mom made a casserole and a dessert. The casserole was piping hot and fresh when I arrived at the Christmas party. Everybody wanted to know who made the delicious dish. I was a little embarrassed to tell all of the guys that I had my mom cook, but all of the women were asking for the recipe and I didn’t know what to say to them. I ended up telling everyone that I asked my mom to make the casserole and the dessert. I thought they would laugh and giggle, but they thought it was sweet.

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The tree nearly caught on fire from the space heater

When my brothers and I were younger, we lived in a two-bedroom house with our parents.

One of my brothers and I shared a bedroom and our other two brothers also shared a bedroom.

My parents slept in the living room on the pool out sofa. I remember one year when our Christmas tree nearly caught on fire because of a space heater. It was uncommonly cold that year and I don’t remember the house being very warm. Maybe my mom and dad did not have enough money to pay for the heating bill or maybe the radiators were broken. We had a space heater in the living room that winter. The space heater was large and bulky and it took up a lot of space. The space heater put out a lot of heat, but you couldn’t get anywhere close to it or you would get burned. During the Christmas holiday, my mom and dad kept the heater away from the Christmas tree. When my family members came for a visit, someone moved the space heater close to the Christmas tree in the middle of the night. The tree nearly caught on fire due to the space heater. My parents woke up in the middle of the night and the branch was smoking. Another five or 10 minutes and the whole tree might have been up in flames. Space heaters in the past had a lot of problems with causing fires. Thankfully, the space heaters that are made today have safety features that keep them from getting too hot.



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