A new HVAC system for mum’s house at the ranch

Mum lived on a ranch in a 100-acre piece of land that we love visiting.

The ranch was full of animals running from cows, chickens, horses, dogs, cats, pigs and so much more. There was so much hay in the barn but my daughter had developed hay fever. For this reason, I had insisted that mum install a unit that was compatible with the HEPA filter as it is of high quality and captures even the smallest air pollutants. Mum had just replaced her old system last summer before we came around. The new HVAC seemed to be functioning well, as the cooling installation had been done not long ago. We could literally feel how cool the air within the house was. In addition, the air was fresh and clean. My HVAC unit was no match for mum’s, she even had the state of the art programmable thermostat. Before mum got the new HVAC system installed, she had an old heat pump that was always giving her issues every season. It never seemed to align to the systems. She also had dial-up climate control. As it was a heat pump, there was ductwork going all around the house and the duct sealing was securely fastened to avoid any future issues. She had known the previous issue was done when she had the technicians over for the scheduled HVAC maintenance. The technicians from the home services company really did know their craft as they were able to establish that the new residential HVAC had a slight issue before they switched it on. The commercial HVAC provider had recommended a wireless temperature control, but it still functioned efficiently with the new regulator. They also provided a HVAC service plan for the unit’s lifespan.

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