Fixing aunt Kelly’s financial turmoil a step at a time

Aunty Kelly was experiencing some issues with her finances when she got in touch with me, and she wanted me to help her come up with a budget.

As a financial advisor, this was something I was blissful to help! Growing up, she had been an excellent supporter of all my dreams & helped me become the person I was.

However, for the past few years, her income dropped since she couldn’t work as much, so she wanted to find ways to break back. One section of concern was the electricity bill which would hike while I was in Winter season when the heating method was on. I learned that her AC unit was 12 years old & no longer worked as effectively as it had a long time ago, however my aunt was forced to keep cranking the heat when it was chilly to keep the lake house warm. As a result, the AC unit consumed much more energy leading to the rising heating bill, but the people I was with and I got in touch with her bank & inquired about getting some financing to change the air conditioning unit. Apart from using up more energy, her seasoned HVAC kept tearing down, costing Aunt Kelly more money in repairs. The bank agreed because she didn’t have a lot of debt. This made it easier to search for an energy-efficient HVAC method that was also eco-friendly. An acquaintance advised us on the best brand to look for. The people I was with and I met with an AC dealer near her beach house & inquired about the right HVAC size for her home. The most important condition was it had to be energy efficient to lower the eclectic bill. The AC vendor had the right aircon unit for my aunt’s home, & she had a little cash left to cover the aircon upgrade.