HVAC for animals

My dogs are a part of my family, that’s for sure.

I am constantly doing things to make sure that my pets are constantly as comfortable as humanly possible.

Unluckyly, however, having pets puts lots of strain on my indoor Heating & A/C system. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way that can easily help your Heating & A/C program to run more efficiently if you are a pet owner. The very first thing that pet owners should do to maximize their Heating & A/C’s efficiency is to be sure to frequently change the air conditioner filter, and your air conditioner filter works to remove your pet hair, dander, dirt, & other debris that your pets bring into your house. Over time, your air conditioner filter can become blocked from all of the debris that it filters from the indoor air in your home, making it difficult for your Heating & A/C program to circulate the unwanted air inside your home, then most Heating & A/C professionals command swapping your air conditioner filter every 30-60 nights, especially for pet owners. Another thing modern pet owners can do to improve the efficiency of their Heating & A/C program is to carefully clean the air conditioner vents. The air conditioner vents are a great locale for pockets of pet hair to build up, & harbor all sorts of dust mites & other air pollutants. Removing the nasty vents & vacuuming them out is a great way to unattach pollutants from your air. Whenever you have the vacuum out, it is a fantastic method to vacuum your carpets correctly. Carpets definitely hold a great deal of pet hair & dirt that gets distributed into the air whenever you walk over them.

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