The ductless option we want

When lockdown first began I needed a brand new spot in my home to work from home, & conduct zoom meetings without being highly disturbed by my children or my dogs.

I decided to build a backyard family room.

I found the available plans for my family room shed online, & once I ordered all of the materials, I was able to rapidly construct the building in no time. All of the construction was going according to plan, & my brand new office was looking great. The only decision I had left to make was how to properly heat & cool my new office. I didn’t want to install a central Heating & A/C system, as that definitely would have been expensive & time consuming. Window A/C units are ugly & highly inefficient, & I didn’t want to sacrifice my one window to an air conditioner. I decided to finally go with a ductless mini-break for my apartment office. A ductless mini-break functions the same as a traditional air conditioner, there is an evaporator & a condenser, however, you know the flow of coolant can be reversed so that you can cool a space in the summer, & heat the exact same space in the Winter time with just one device. The installation was quick & easy, as I actually only needed to drill a more than two inch hole for all of the necessary components. My brand new office is the most comfortable locale I’ve ever worked, & thanks to the a/c, I can easily focus for long hours at a time… Since installing a ductless mini-break in my little backyard family room, I have been more productive than ever!
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