The efficient home of my dreams

Last year, my wifey & I decided to make some long overdue updates to our home in order to make it more energy-efficient.

Both of us installed impressive double pane windows with vinyl frames, we installed a smart thermostat with brand new zone control, & had the crawl space encapsulated.

While all of these updates definitely help us to save currency on our energy bills, the update that helps us most was when we installed radiant radiant heated floors in our home; Radiant radiant heated floors actually use a heating element woven underneath the flooring that helps to maintain a super constant ambient temperature in our home, and when there is heat radiating from directly underneath the floors in the house, the Heating & A/C program doesn’t have to work as much in order to heat the home in the winter, which helps to save us currency on our super energy bills. In addition to being energy efficient, it feels so nice to be able to wake up at any point in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, & the floor is moderate under my feet. It is a small update that makes our home assume much more high-priced. Another great benefit to having radiant heated flooring is that it helps to maintain a very constant temperature throughout all unusual parts of my home. During the long and hard winter, wood can become cracked & warped, & pipes can freeze, but radiant heated flooring always ensures that no parts of my home get too frosty in the winter. Talk to your Heating & A/C professional this month to see if heated flooring is right for you!

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