This will change your home value

When my wifey & I decided to sell our home, we actually wanted to do everything we could think of to increase it’s value before we put it on the market. Energy efficiency simply was one of our main goals when making updates, as reducing energy costs is definitely something every smart homeowner has been trying to achieve. Both of us installed energy efficient double pane windows all over the house, since single pane windows are not all that absolutely well insulated, & contribute to the inefficiency of a home’s Heating & A/C system. Therefore double pane windows do a better job of insulating the air inside the home, & we knew that with the vinyl window frames installed, no treated air is lost from my windows. Another cool update we made is a smart thermostat with zone control. A smart thermostat is attached to the personal WIFI & can be controlled via an app on my iPhone, tablet, or PC. Being able to rapidly program my thermostat remotely means that I am never using energy to treat the air in an empty house. Zone control is achieved through a series of valves & vents in the overall air duct that lets myself and others control the flow of air throughout my home. With modern zone control, I don’t ever have to use energy to heat or cool a vacant room in my house. One single last update that we made to the home before we put it on the market was installing brand new radiant radiant heated floors. Radiant radiant heated floors help to maintain the overall ambient temperature of my house, without having to use a surge of energy. Radiant heated floors help to keep the home at a desired temperature, while putting as little strain on my entire Heating & A/C program as possible. All of these updates have added value to my home, & I suppose that they will be worth it when I eventually put my home on the market.

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