Zone control will save you

I live in warmer weather conditions, & my air conditioner is important to me & my family’s comfort.

However, while in the hottest part of the entire year, having my air conditioner running constantly tends to drive my energy bills through the roof.

This year, I only wanted to do something unusual so I wasn’t blown away by my energy bill. I decided to purchase a smart thermostat with zone control. A smart thermostat is easily attached to the internet, & can be programmed via an app on my iPhone, tablet, or personal PC. Programming & automating my air conditioner is a great way to constantly make sure that I am cooling my home as efficiently as possible, & that my air conditioner is simply running at the times when it will be most effective. Thanks to my smart thermostat, I can ultimately make sure that my air conditioner is never running when no one is home, which was one massive way that helped to greatly reduce my energy costs, but zone control is the ability to carefully direct the flow of cooled air around my home to the desired rooms, so that no energy is currently wasted on treating a vacant room. Zone control is achieved via a series of valves which are installed within my existing air duct that can open & close based on where I want tons of cool air to flow in my home. The installation was quick & non-invasive, & was finished in a day. Ever since I went and bought a smart thermostat with zone control, I have observed a great decrease in energy costs.

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