Insulated attic reduces workload of furnace and air conditioner

For a long time, I never considered the attic as anything more than a storage area.

  • I have a full-sized attic that provides plenty of room to stack boxes of Christmas decorations, sports gear, photo albums, furniture we no longer use and outgrown clothes.

Although I noticed that the attic was extremely cold in the winter and brutally hot in the summer, I didn’t worry about it. The attic isn’t part of our living space and isn’t equipped with heating or cooling vents. Since I don’t pay for temperature control for the attic, I didn’t think the temperature up there mattered. However, when I complained to my HVAC technician about the cost of heating and cooling, he mentioned a few ways to conserve energy. He suggested installing a smart thermostat, adding ceiling fans and insulating the attic. I then learned that the attic is designed as a defense against severe weather. Because heat naturally travels to cooler locations, it’s a good idea to properly insulate the attic. Otherwise, the heat from the furnace will migrate to the freezing cold attic, resulting in more work for the heating system and higher costs for me. In the summer, the hot air from the attic heads toward the cooler living areas, causing more stress on the air conditioner. When I checked out the attic, I realized that the minimal amount of insulation had been compromised by moisture and rodents. It was probably doing more harm than good. Although removing the dirty insulation and installing new was a time-consuming and unpleasant job, it was definitely worth it.


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