Replacing radiators is easier than expected

When we bought our new home, there was a boiler installed in the basement and radiators in each room.

The radiators were extremely old and unattractive. They were bulky pieces of equipment that took up a great deal of space, detracted from the decor and hindered furniture arrangement. Although the radiators provided a tremendous amount of heat, they were dangerous. The surface heated up during the operation and I worried about my kids getting burned. Expecting the replacement of the radiators to be a disruptive, expensive and horrible project, I contacted a local HVAC contractor. The technician inspected our heating system and offered several options for improvement. He said that despite the age of the boiler, it was in good condition and could be expected to perform reliably for many more years. The radiators could be replaced with baseboard heaters, radiant floor heating or modern radiators. When he showed me the options for modern radiators, I was really surprised. Today’s generation of radiators are mounted on the wall, streamlined and unobtrusive. They don’t get hot to the touch or make any noise. They can be positioned so as not to get in the way of furniture arrangement. Changing out the radiators turned out to be a fairly quick and affordable project. The improvement to the look, value and comfort of our home was significant. The radiators provide a very gentle, even heat. They don’t overly dry out the air or introduce any type of air contaminants. They include zone control, allowing us to tailor temperature settings to occupancy and preference.

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