Smart thermostat is a helpful energy saving measure

My house is very old, very large and extremely difficult to heat and cool.

I live in an area where the temperature fluctuates between ninety degrees and twenty below zero.

Keeping a comfortable home is difficult, expensive and a year around challenge. High ceilings, big windows and a lot of square footage force the furnace and air conditioner to work hard to achieve the thermostat settings. I’ve made it my mission to minimize demands on the heating and cooling system and reduce our household energy bills. There are lots of little and inexpensive things I can do to combat energy waste. Every year, I go around with caulk and weatherstripping and check for cracks and leaks around the windows and doors that need to be sealed. I’ve devoted a great deal of time to adding insulation to the walls, ceilings and attic. I’ve very carefully insulated around electrical outlets and plumbing pipes. I make the effort to open the curtains during the winter and take advantage of the warmth of the midday sun. Closing them during the summer helps to keep the house from heating up. I’ve installed ceiling fans that work to push the heat toward the floor in the winter. By changing the direction of the blades, the ceiling fans encourage the heat up and out during the summer. I’ve invested a small fortune into replacing all of the windows in the house. One of the best home improvements was upgrading the thermostat. I used to forget to raise or lower the thermostat before leaving the house in the morning. The furnace or air conditioner would run all day, keeping empty rooms at the ideal comfort level. Having a smart thermostat allows me to make adjustments to heating and cooling through an app on my phone no matter where I happen to be. Even better, the thermostat automatically caters to our schedule. It uses occupancy sensors to know when the house is empty. Plus, the thermostat sends alerts when it’s time to schedule professional maintenance or change the air filters, helping me to take better care of the furnace and air conditioner.


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