Storm came and messed up my geothermal heat pump

We had a pretty immense rain and wind storm here recently, and I was absolutely shocked and angered when the storm ended up messing up my heat pump, I spent a lot of money on this geothermal heat pump to be able to save energy and pay less on our electric bills in the winter, now the heat pump is unmounted from the ground and I needed to call the local heating and air conditioner company for them to send out a certified heat and a/c specialist to service the geothermal heat pump, the cost of getting the geothermal heat pump remounted into the ground was not cheap! Let us just say that it was just a few grand less than what it would have cost to buy a brand new standard central heating and a/c! But this heat pump was an investment to begin with, and I want to keep it that way.

I was not about to let something like a storm kill that on me, so that was why I was willing to put out the money to get this taken care of immediately.

The heating and air conditioner specialist did something to deliver it extra protection from any future wind storms or storms that would blow it out of its mount again. Which is a fantastic thing and was well worth the cost of the service of the geothermal heat pump for that fact alone. I do feel better about the whole situation right now.


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