Upgrading to zoned heating and cooling saves money

I am always involved in some type of home improvement project. I like renovating rooms, updating appliances and changing the decor. Many of my investments have significantly increased the value and energy efficiency of the household. I’ve replaced the roof, windows and exterior doors, elevating curb appeal and also reducing our utility bills. One of my most recent investments was zone control. Upgrading the heating and cooling system was one of the most expensive home improvements but also the most beneficial. It was necessary to install a new furnace and air conditioner to achieve zoning. There is now a thermostat mounted in each room that allows for customized temperature settings. Because of wifi connectivity, the thermostats can easily be accessed through an app on my smartphone. Rather than making manual adjustments, I raise or lower settings as needed with a tap of my finger no matter where I happen to be located. There are so many benefits from zone control. I can target those rooms that tend to feel chilly or overheated without affecting temperature in the whole house. I lower the temperature in the kitchen when I’m cooking dinner in the summer. I make sure the living room is perfectly comfortable when the family sits down to watch a movie together. There’s no need to heat or cool empty rooms to the ideal temperature. We use a lot less energy, pay lower utility bills and there’s less wear and tear on the furnace and air conditioner. It’s also helpful that family members can tailor temperature to their personal preferences.

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