Waiting as long as possible to start up the furnace

I wait as long as possible to start up the furnace every year.

I know that once I raise the thermostat setting and the heater kicks on, it will run non stop for at least six month.

Sometimes, we keep the furnace working until sometime in May. It’s not usual to have blizzard conditions at Easter and frost on the ground on Mother’s Day. Over the winter the temperature is below freezing for the majority of the time and frequently dips into the negative digits. Last winter, the temperature got down to twenty-six degrees below zero for over a week. Because the furnace carries such a heavy workload, it consumes a great deal of energy. Our monthly heating bills add up to about half of our total household energy usage. Keeping a comfortable home is expensive. As the temperature cools off in the fall, I make sure to close all of the windows and doors tight. I caulk or weatherstrip any cracks I find and place rolled up towels along the windowsills and door jambs to prevent drafts. Our house is big and old and despite my attempt to improve efficiency, there’s cold spots and air leaks. My kids complain about the chilly house and aren’t happy when I refuse to use the furnace. I tell them to dress warmer. Eventually, I have no choice. The house gets so uncomfortably cold that I can’t wait any longer. When I adjust the thermostat and heat flows from the vents, it’s the official start of winter. I know we’re going to be trapped inside, breathing the same stuff air for months and months.


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