A home gym isn’t the same as a fitness center

For several years after I graduated from college, I lived in an apartment in the city.

Although I wasn’t happy with the noise and lack of privacy, it was nice being walking distance to many amenities.

My cramped little apartment was steps away from an incredible selection of bars, restaurants, cafes, shops and theaters. I had a gigantic fitness center right around the corner. It was so convenient to be able to access a wide array of fitness equipment at any time of the day or night. My membership provided use of a heated indoor swimming pool, where I often swam laps. I sometimes ran the indoor track, climbed the rock wall or took advantage of the tanning beds. There was a hot tub, sauna and a steam room. I could run on any of a number of treadmills or use the ellipticals, rowing machines or stationary bikes. I really liked the variety of strength training machines that allowed me to target specific muscles. When I bought my own home and moved out of the city, I gained a great deal of square footage and land. I now have a garage where I can park my car, plenty of closet space and more than one bathroom. I can barbecue on my patio and tan in my sun lounger. Unfortunately, the commute is too far to make a gym membership worth it. I’ve had to set up a home gym. While I’ve invested into a treadmill, weight bench, free weights and a yoga mat, it’s not the same as a fully outfitted fitness center.


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