Group fitness class gets me motivated

I have made new friends with people who are more dedicated to their fitness.

My friends talked me into a gym membership and signing up for a group fitness class. They promised me it would be a fun way to get in shape. The first day of class, I thought the instructor was going to kill us. I had sweat running down my face and could hardly catch my breath. I realized that my friends were not half as exhausted as I was because they spent most of the class chatting. I didn’t sign up for a fitness class to socialize. I don’t like to waste my time. I started stretching, running, biking and lifting weights at home. I started being more careful about what I ate and drinking more water. I didn’t want to be the worst one in the class and embarrass myself. By the second class, I had a little more strength and stamina. My friends continued to stand at the back and be lazy. After class, they wanted to go out for drinks and pizza. I really didn’t want to undo all of the benefits and progress of the class by loading up on empty calories. I ended up going out with my friends, drinking water and having a terrible time. I’ve now been taking the class for eight weeks. My original group of friends have all dropped out. I have made new friends with people who are more dedicated to their fitness. After class, we meet up and drink either fruit smoothies or protein shakes. We get together on the weekends to ride bikes, kayak, hike and paddle board. I feel so much healthier and happier now.


Group Fitness Training Classes