It was sad when the A/C machine quit working at the bar

Although I basically always wanted to be a bartender, I ended up being a bouncer instead… When people notice me, with my height, my bulk, my bald head and long beard, they suppose I am somewhat intimidating.

  • I am not aggressive and don’t adore arguments, the bosses always wanted me at the front door keeping troublemakers from coming into the bar.

I honestly hated this task, and that is what helped push me towards education, so that I could find something way better. It took about 18 months, however finally I got certified in HVAC repair and was able to transport on to more enjoyable pastures. It was nice that my boss threw me a large going away get-together at the bar, and promised to call me in whenever they had any HVAC machine problems. It turned out that it took exactly a single week. Seven nights later the bar owner called me on my personal line and asked me to come in and look at the cooling machine for the bar. What he didn’t assume was that for the last 18 months I had been using his HVAC machine for practice! Essentially, I was tuning up and tinkering with his outdated HVAC machine to keep it running! Now that I wasn’t there to tend to it respectfully, the outdated girl was having trouble and I knew they would need a whole new HVAC system not before long. I went into the bar the next evening and did my due diligence with the outdated AC machine, although I told the owner the truth — he had possibly a few more months before the cooling machine finally died for good.