Riding the stationary bike on rainy day

I woke up this morning to a cold and rainy day.

The sky is cloudy and gray.

It was difficult to get out of bed. Since I work from home and work by the project, being productive is important. I usually start my day with an intense workout. I like it best when the weather is beautiful and I can exercise outside. I prefer to go for a run, ride my bike or jump rope on my patio. The fresh air and sunshine motivates me. Today, however, I felt tired and sluggish. I also woke up with a headache. While I can workout in my living room, it’s not ideal. There is limited space, and I worry about causing damage. Instead, I decided to ride the stationary bike for an hour. I always feel a little about using the bike. It’s so enjoyable that it seems like cheating. I get to sit on a comfortable seat, listen to music and read on my Ipad. There’s even a fan to blow cold air on me. I can choose from a variety of programs and target either time, distance or calories burned. I set 400 calories as my end goal to accomplish and make an effort to complete the workout as quickly as possible. I elevate intensity by increasing resistance and pedaling faster. I’m always sweaty by the end, and I definitely feel the workout in my legs afterward. The bike is a great break from my regular style of workouts. It rests my joints and lets me exercise without thinking about it.

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