Success is the best revenge

Although my old man had knocked me around many times over the years, the first day I hit him back was the last day I lived under his roof.

I had always taken his abuse, but finally he pushed me too far, and I was old enough and big enough to fight back.

I don’t want to brag, but I did kick the snot out of him and leave him laying on the floor. I packed up my stuff, walked out the front door, and decided that my revenge would be living a better life than he ever had. This is what pushed me through high school, the trade school, and into the HVAC industry. Although I did well in school, I knew I couldn’t afford college, but I could work part time to pay for my HVAC education. The local community college had a special HVAC prep course program offered in their night school, just for working class people like me who wanted to improve their lives. I have to say the instructors there were awesome, and not only taught me the ropes, buty introduced me to local HVAC techs and contractors. In this town, the HVAC community is very tightly knit, and a lot of these contractors used to work as techs together years ago. By leaving the luggage of my family behind, I was able to embrace this new HVAC family, and really throw myself into it. After I got my HVAC certification I was working a great job with full benefits within a week, and I’m already making more a year than my old man ever did.

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