I will not leave without our media air cleaner

Wherever I may be I am consistently sure that I have to have clean air. If this means weirding people out by taking our personal sitting media air cleaner everywhere then so be it. Apart from just having particularly recognizable temperature preferences I also am particularly picky about how I want our indoor air conditions to be. There are far too many people that I guess that have exhausting indoor air conditions & are just okay with it. However, I am not one of these people & I am not okay with it & I do not want to have exhausting indoor air conditions in our house or anywhere that I go for that matter. So I make sure that I have great air quality wherever I go by bringing our media air cleaner with me on all our travels. My boyfriend thinks this is funny but it actually paid off for me, as an example of this just a week ago all of us were staying in a hotel & the indoor air conditions in there was actually horrible! I guess love all of us were breathing in dust & sand. My boyfriend suddenly stopped laughing when I pulled out of our luggage our indoor media air cleaner. As soon as I turned it on & got the component running, I noticed a positive change in the air quality. The air was slowly becoming cleaner & cleaner until after a few fifths most of the exhausting air had cleared up, even though all of us were staying at a cheap hotel I still saw there was no excuse for there to be such exhausting indoor air. At this point I do think that it was horrible & potentially hazardous to breathe in. I went down to the front desk to complain & they informed me that it was because of their outdated heating in an A/C system. Apparently they’ve been trying to get on the owner to get the heating & A/C systems updated & cleaned but they refuse. It didn’t make a difference for me as long as I had our media air cleaner I was cheerful.
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