Looking to enjoy a fire in the fireplace tonight

My cousin & I are going to make a fire in her fireplace on the back porch because the two of us have a chilly front coming through soon & tonight it is supposed to be especially cool out.

It will only be cool for a couple of days or so & then the heat is going to come back & ruin our future bonfire parties.

Summers here are relatively long & hot & every home must have an air conditioner device or it is downright miserable. My cousin just got a new HVAC device installed & it can cool down the household in about 15 minutes. I guess she spent $10K on the device & replacement however it is genuinely efficient & built to last for a long duration of time. I am painting her household this coming month & am going to make sure I don’t get overspray on her new HVAC device or she is going to hang me up by my hair on the tree in the backyard. I just need to get some wonderful tarps & make sure the component is turned off when I cover it or I can always ruin the compressor. I’ve made the mistake in the past of not covering the HVAC device outside of a household I was painting & it wasn’t a pretty picture when the homeowner came home & discovered it. It took me a whole day of buffing the component to get all of the paint off of it. Thank God I wasn’t using oil-based paint or it most definitely would still be on the air conditioner’s compressor in the back of their household.

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