The pain becomes severe whenever I choose to eat sugary foods

I know I’ve been eating entirely too much sugar while back here in America, which isn’t so tough to do to be honest.

Of course, my joints are starting to ache a lot.

I stopped eating all added sugars because of the significant pain I’d get the upcoming day in my joints but while back here on trip I am slipping with my diet plan. If you have any kind of joint pains then I have to suggest two things; cutting out all sugars, and using Biofreeze gel on the particularly painful spots. That should stop all of your pains in a few months or so. I was a Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment repairman a few years back and had to quit the job altogether because I was getting too much pain in my shoulders and knees. It wasn’t until I cut out all sugars in my diet that the pain subsided and any pain that was left was taken care of with using the Biofreeze gel. They even say it is better than ice for cooling down your joints after a severe injury so provide it a shot if you have pain like I do. I may even be able to do some work again in the future in the Heating plus Air Conditioning industry when I am back overseas because we actually have a local contractor who will hire me. I would care about doing that type of work again because I enjoyed working with customers and doing the manual labor. I know my Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment worker pal is going to have me do some heat pump upgrades when I’m back because the weather is still fairly cold there and he said he has a fair amount of work to do.


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