When I eat too much sugar, I start to feel a lot of pain

I know I’ve been eating too much sugar while back here in America, which isn’t hard to do, but my joints are starting to ache a lot.

I stopped eating all added sugars because of the pain I’d receive the next day in my joints but while back here on this trip I am slipping to some degree with my diet plan.

If you have any kind of joint pains I have to suggest a few things; taking out all sugars, and utilizing Biofreeze gel on the painful areas. That should end the pains you are feeling. I was an HVAC appliance repairman a few years ago and had to quit because I was getting too much pain in my shoulders and knees to deal with the work. It wasn’t until I chose to take out all sugars that the pain finally went away and any pain that was left was cured with using the Biofreeze gel. They even say it is far better than ice for cooling down your joints after an injury so give it a try if you have pain like me. I may even be able to do some tasks again in the HVAC industry when I choose to go back overseas because every one of us has a local corporation who is willing to hire me at least part time. I would like to do it again because I honestly loved working with customers and taking care of the manual labor. I know my HVAC appliance neighbor is going to have me do some heat pump upgrades when I’m back because the weather is still frigid there and he said he has all kinds of tasks to do.

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