Had my buddy help me look over the HVAC equipment in my new house

When I bought a new house in a rural location, I decided to have my buddy come out to check out my HVAC equipment.

My buddy is an HVAC professional and he is someone I entirely trust. Well, he pointed out that my oil furnace was only a few years old and it was actually very energy efficient. He said I could probably make it through the winter if I refilled the oil tank once, but I wasn’t so sure. He told me that I would be surprised with some of the modern systems because the energy efficiency keeps improving tremendously. He said he realized that the cost of oil is more than natural gas, he said these oil heating systems are actually much safer. I never really thought about that. I actually was thinking about putting the oil furnace up for sale, but my buddy made me realize that I would be better off just keeping it. I also have a fireplace that he checked out, but he told me I would have to hire a chimney sweep to take care of it. He said it was really nice though and he couldn’t wait to relax and have drinks in front of the fireplace while watching some football. The last thing he checked was the cooling system. He pointed out that my cooling system was actually old and I should replace that. I asked what I should go for and he said he would help me install a ductless mini split air conditioner. He said I would save a lot of money with the installation and the energy savings because it was also highly energy efficient.