Had to show my buddy the right type of air filters to get

I could tell my buddy was embarrassed the other day when I asked him about the poor air quality in his apartment.

I asked if he replaced the air filter and he said he did.

Well, I insisted we check the air filter anyway and it was totally clogged up. He was more embarrassed at that moment. Then he said he would change the air filter right then and there if it would make me happier. I couldn’t believe he had the cheapest air filters I ever saw inside of a box. They were so flimsy and didn’t seem like they would improve the air quality at all. He quickly tried to pull the old air filter out and jammed the new air filter in so hard that it actually bent out of shape and suddenly was no good. I had to point out to my buddy that those air filters really weren’t too good. He tried to protest saying that he was saving money since he got a pack of 6 for only $5. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing because good air filters are way more expensive. I told my buddy that you basically get what you pay for and it’s worth it to keep up with good air quality. I finally showed him the air filters he should be buying, and he didn’t seem to like the price. I helped him buy this pack of air filters though and you could actually notice an improvement in the air quality after a few hours of relaxing in his apartment.

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