I didn’t expect my father to start a new career when he retired

When my father retired, I actually thought that he would take it easy and enjoy his retirement.

He made a lot of money during his career, but I guess he was not finished.

Instead of going out to play golf with his buddies, he decided to focus on going to school again. He went to a trade school to get his HVAC certification. I was shocked when I learned he was making more money than I was, and I thought my career wasn’t terrible. He also got his retirement money on top of what he was earning, and he seemed to be very happy about it. He eventually convinced me that it would be wise to get into the HVAC industry also. I ended up taking night classes and then we decided to start a business together. My father took care of all the paperwork and together we worked on people’s heating and cooling systems. Eventually, we were able to hire more workers and we started making a killing together. We did this work together for a good decade before my father developed some serious health complications. He had me take over the business, but I have him to thank for such a successful career. He really showed me the way. I don’t know how much longer he will be around, but I’m glad he has been recovering lately. I always tell him he needs to get rest, but he talks about getting out into the field and working on HVAC equipment. I guess it’s something that he entirely enjoys these days. I can’t say that he didn’t enjoy his retirement, because it makes him smile whenever we talk about different HVAC jobs we have done like installing radiant heated floors in a mansion.

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