I was totally spoiled back when I lived with my folks

I honestly was a little spoiled back in the day when I was living with my parents.

  • Not only did I have a bunch of different gaming consoles along with my own computer, we also had a zoned HVAC system! That’s right, I had my own thermostat in my room that I was able to adjust as I pleased.

Given, my father became angry a few times because I was cranking the air conditioning a little too much. My defense was always the fact that the energy bills didn’t spike that much because the ductless HVAC system was so energy efficient. He claimed that I was putting wear and tear on the HVAC system and I said that as long as the system was properly maintained, it shouldn’t be an issue. I wasn’t exactly wrong but my father often would ground me from my computer and gaming consoles because he said he didn’t like my attitude. I guess it’s just always the way I have been, that was until I moved out on my own to see what life was really like. I had to learn to work multiple jobs while managing my time so I would get enough sleep. It wasn’t easy having to commute around and go to school at the same time, but the energy bills also became a huge concern. I had to study all sorts of energy saving tips like using LED light bulbs and making sure everything was unplugged and turned off. I didn’t do that back at home, but having spoken to my parents about it, I have apologized to them for my behavior over the years like cranking the AC when we should be saving energy.


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