I’m glad my buddy was so passionate about the ductless mini split system

The other day, I was talking with my buddies about different heat and AC products.

I kept saying how miserable I was because I was only using window AC units and I really wanted something better.

One friend of mine was saying how he used the portable AC units and they weren’t so bad. He said he loved the fact that he could move the AC equipment from one room to the next, so long as he had a window to put the hose through. I honestly thought it was better just to be using window AC units instead of a portable cooling device. Another friend said it’s really all about the ductless HVAC systems. I threw my hands up in the air and said there was no way I would be able to afford something like that. That’s when he laughed and said it’s really more affordable than I would think. He said that we had something in common and that’s the fact that we are homeowners. He said all it takes is a few holes drilled through the walls. This really made me squirm thinking about the damage I might do to the house. I thought even if I did go for this ductless HVAC system, I would likely need professionals to install the thing. He told me that’s the beautiful part, that the average homeowner can handle such an installation. I thought it was kind of pricey, but definitely cheaper than a professional installation, so I purchased a ductless mini split. All my buddies helped with the installation and suddenly, I had excellent cooling in my home! I’m glad my buddy was so passionate about the ductless mini split system.

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