My wife shut my show off on me to play her game

It was about a week ago when I was watching one of my favorite shows on television; Ghost Adventures.

I don’t know, I just enjoy seeing these guys out there at different haunted locations capturing all kinds of EVPs and other evidence of the paranormal.

It’s a fascinating subject to me. Well, my wife got home after she was done shopping at the store. She picked up a bunch of groceries and asked me to go unload the car and bring everything in. By the time I got everything in the house and put it away, I went back to the room and found my wife was playing a battle royale game in the bedroom. She turned off my show that I was watching and everything, and I had it on pause so I wouldn’t miss anything… I was perfectly content just relaxing with the AC cranked up in the room. I guess she felt the air conditioning was an invitation for her to take over the room because the rest of the house was a little bit overheated because I don’t like to waste using the central AC while relaxing in the room. Fortunately, I have a window AC in my office too, but not a big screen TV. I ended up buying my wife a new gaming console of her own so she could enjoy playing her battle royale game with the AC cranked up as much as she wanted. I moved my gaming console and connected it to my office computer so I could watch my shows when my wife chose to take over the bedroom.

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