The HVAC expert who came out has a lot of charisma

When I called a new HVAC company in town, I was actually delighted with the kind person I spoke to on the phone who said an HVAC expert would arrive at my place within the hour.

I couldn’t believe that because a lot of HVAC companies I went through previously would give me a wide time-frame and I wouldn’t really know when the HVAC worker would arrive at my place.

True to their word, the HVAC professional arrived promptly, I believe it was about 45 minutes after I got off the phone with the HVAC company. The HVAC worker was awesome too. He answered all my questions without any hesitation and I could see that the man really knew his stuff. Even when I was no longer asking questions, he kept going on telling me about different heat and AC products that were coming out and I felt like I went into a trance just listening to the man speak. His speech was so eloquent and I couldn’t help but listen. He told me about very interesting systems like dual-fuel heating systems, radiant heated floors, and geothermal HVAC systems. He even spoke of the importance of good air purification in the home. I ended up buying a portable UV air purifier off him and he said I wouldn’t regret the purchase. It’s funny because when I had a party the upcoming weekend, I called the HVAC professional up and asked if he wanted to come to my BBQ. He came out and he was a huge hit with all my friends and family. I bet the guy could go into business for himself because he sold everybody a UV air purifier and even got some of my people to enroll into a service contract with his HVAC company.



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