The last business meeting made me feel like I might pass out

The last business meeting I was in was excruciating.

It honestly seemed like everybody was too afraid to say something about the horrible temperature control settings and the brutal air quality.

There was dust floating everywhere like somebody was dusting and lifted all the dust into the air. I kept sneezing and people kept saying “Bless you.” I felt like I was going to pass out because there was hardly any AC coming into the room. I guessed that the ductwork system was blocked up because it probably was never cleaned. Towards the end of the business meeting when people were asking questions, I asked when we could get some HVAC maintenance done in the building because it was so stuffy. Other people agreed with me after I asked this question. It seemed that enough people cared to make the management call up a local contractor to take care of the ductwork cleaning and have an air purification system installed. When the ductwork system was cleaned, the air quality improved a great deal. It was almost too good to be true. I suddenly felt like I could breathe easier at work and I thanked the bosses for taking care of everything. They actually seemed to be pleased with the improvement of the air quality in the building as well. The UV air purification system they installed was working great too, and that made people feel comfortable because the UV light was working to kill harmful pathogens. After learning about the UV air purification installation, I have been talking to my wife about installing something like that at home.


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