Things are definitely becoming more interesting in my line of work

I guess I became a cop to have a more thrilling life.

Everything else seemed to be either gruesome or boring to me.

I didn’t want to be a surgeon because it took a great deal of school and all the blood, I didn’t think I could deal with it. I didn’t get into the violent crime division, I actually started with traffic violations. Eventually I worked up to investigate crimes like arson, theft and the likes. The partner I was set up with was pretty cool and we actually worked well as a team. We got all kinds of people involved in petty crimes and what not, and I figured it was a start to getting to the more serious stuff. Eventually, the Chief had us investigate a string of thefts involving stolen window AC units mostly. In some cases, they were butchering the outdoor AC condensers and stripping them for the copper that was found inside. I remember telling my partner that was such a waste because those condensers were costly, and the small amount of copper didn’t seem worth the effort for all the destruction. We ended up catching some of the kids involved in the scheme. I thought it was nothing too serious, even though I told these kids they were going to be held liable for all the damages they caused. It turned out, they gave up the bigger fish in the picture. There turned out to be a whole warehouse loaded with stolen goods from refrigerators and big screen tvs to projectors and other pricey items. The kids were put on probation while we put the crime bosses behind bars for many years. Now we’re being promoted and I look forward to seeing what is in store for our career in the near future.



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