Great HVAC comfort goes with some newly gained perspective

Living alone and truly being by myself is not something I’ve really ever done.

Yet, that’s just how it went for me.

Going from my parents house to a sorority house was my first move. Then I married a man I fell in love with while in college and we started a life together. I came with a nice house with great HVAC equipment and we even had a pool. Once the kids started coming along, I was never alone at all. Then, things changed. Little did I know that my husband was having a long-term affair with someone in the office. Soon there was a divorce And I find myself truly alone. That fact was made even more terrifying since having grown children and no husband meant that I had to get a job. Thankfully, that wasn’t a huge hurdle. I got the HVAC unit in the house upgraded so I could sell it. I hit the mark at the right time and made a bundle. Still, I just didn’t know if I was able to actually live a life that wasn’t centered around other people’s needs. I’m having a great time finding out though. I built a small house or some property out of town. The heating and cooling equipment is the latest in residential HVAC and it’s really great. You know what I love the most is that I have a great big deck overlooking the best view I’ve ever had in my life. Living alone certainly has its upside. I even take care of the HVAC unit each month with filter changes. But the rest of it is up to the HVAC company as I have the HVAC service package.

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