HVAC outage provides some perspective

I’ve had so many opportunities to learn that putting stuff off always ends in bad stuff happening.

  • So why can’t I figure that out and stop procrastinating? With the HVAC unit, I had yet another example thrown in my face.

The whole thing started early in the spring when the HVAC technician told us we were getting to a point where the HVAC unit just wasn’t going to work. The HVAC utility costs had gone up and the HVAC equipment was running more to meet demand. Initially, I reacted much like I always do with hopes that something miraculous would save me from having to deal with the HVAC unit. HVAC equipment is expensive, but the chances of a miraculous heating and cooling solutions were negligible. Still, I did nothing about the HVAC equipment. Summer came along, and we needed plenty of HVAC cooling as it gets wicked hot in this region. And still, I had done nothing about replacing the old heat pump. My wife kept telling me over and over again that I needed to address the heating and cooling equipment. I procrastinated. By August, that heat pump failed. And of course, it was going to take 6 weeks before we could get a new heat pump. This resulted in my wife going to her parents to stay in their wonderful HVAC cooling. And I got to stay at home with the dogs in the heat and humidity of our home while I waited the new HVAC equipment. I’d like to think that I’ve learned my lesson. But just the other day, I put off making the HVAC heating maintenance appointment because there was a game on I wanted to watch. I may never learn.
a/c serviceman