Start with common sense to lower HVAC cooling costs

It’s finally over. We are into the heart of October and the weather is now just about perfect. In our region, we have eight months in a row that are spectacular. And that starts in October. But this summer, I was much less worried about the cost of HVAC Cooling. That’s because I started the screen with an air conditioning tune up like I always do. That ensures the HVAC unit is running at top efficiency and is ready for the heavy load of HVAC cooling our summer requires. However this summer, that HVAC cooling load was reduced noticeably. This is due to just a common-sense approach to cooling the house that I hadn’t taken before. And it was really pretty easy to do. I started this spring by just leaving the air conditioning off. Normally, as soon as it gets around 80, I reach for the thermostat. But not this year, I waited and used the HVAC cooling sparingly until June. On top of that, I made sure that the thermostat was never set to more than 15 degrees cooler then the peak heating temperature outside. This allowed me to get much more comfortable with a thermostat setting in the lower 80s when it was near a hundred outside. Not only was I much more comfortable inside because my body had acclimated to the heat and humidity, I wasn’t as overwhelmed when I was outside. It was a win in every way this summer. I was comfortable indoors and out while saving a ton of money on HVAC cooling.

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