The experience of running a female-owned indoor comfort business

I have received sneers, but there have also been people who cheered me on

I have learned that females have to work twice as hard and be twice as smart to survive in the corporate world, especially in a market like the cooling industry. That has been my experience in the eight years I have worked in this industry. Even though I know more about air conditioning than most men, I still get a few professionals treating me like I am a newcomer. I started my indoor comfort business when I was twenty-three. I had completed college a year before and was looking for where my air conditioning technician skills would be used efficiently. My dad came home one day and challenged me to start my small business instead of waiting to be employed. He jump started my career by introducing me to some of his friends who had issues with their quality air conditioners. He gave me the task of helping the friends find out what was wrong with their units, and he would ask an air conditioning provider he knew to allow me to shadow in the air conditioning repairs. I did this for six months before the friends started trusting me to plan their HVAC maintenance and mobilize any a/c servicemen to handle it. Soon, I built my team, then registered my air conditioning company. Though I am not the first person the customers meet or speak to, they are always shocked to find out a female owns the company. I have received sneers, but there have also been people who cheered me on. My mentor is a very high-up male in the industry, and I met him while doing the HVAC installation of his multi-split air conditioner to improve the air quality at his premise. We also replaced his thermostat with the first smart regulator on the market.


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