I wanted to update the AC before it broke down

Now that the new system is updated, my wife and I are both much happier

My wife and I agreed that our AC unit was having problems. The monthly energy bills were higher than ever before and it seemed like the machine was running constantly. I wanted to update the AC before it broke down completely, but my wife wanted to have the machine replaced before the summer weather started. We talked about the replacement on a couple of different occasions, and I was convinced that we should handle the problem sooner than later. We didn’t have a chance to make the final decision, because the AC stopped blowing cold air a few days later. My wife contacted the HVAC repair company that services our system. They came to the house and confirmed our suspicions. They gave us estimates on the new systems available. We previously had an AC unit that was a 14 SEER system. The SEER rating is important because it is the equation used to find the efficiency of the air conditioner. A higher number means much more energy efficiency. The minimum SEER rating is 13, so the previous AC unit was really the bare minimum. The new machine is a much more energy efficient model. It has a rating of 18 and comes with a 3 year warranty. Now that the new system is updated, my wife and I are both much happier. I try not to bring up the fact that I was correct and she was not, because it didn’t matter in the end. We had to have the machine replaced much sooner than either one of us anticipated.

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A family gathering with tank tops to sweaters

Of course, that is because there was cooking going on.

Many families around the country, I recently had a big Thanksgiving Gathering. Many of us met at my brother’s house, and it was quite lovely. My brother is always a very good host. He can cook extremely well and his home is spacious and comfortable. He has a backyard pool, which is too cold to swim in right now, but is enjoyable to sit around and relax and talk. I always enjoy the Comfort level in his house. It seems like when people gather at other houses, the air conditioning or Heating is never right. It seems like we have people wearing big sweaters because they’re freezing because there’s too much AC, and at the same time we have other people going around in tank tops and saying they are comfortable. That never happens at my brother’s house though, because he has embraced HVAC technology. He has quite a modern heating and cooling system. In the upstairs, there is a separate HVAC unit. Of course, that means the downstairs also has its own HVAC unit. Each one of those systems has HVAC with zone control. The HVAC with zone control allows for different thermostat settings in different parts of the house. He kept the kitchen thermostat set a bit lower than the living room and bedrooms. Of course, that is because there was cooking going on. He also has AC sensors up near the air conditioning vents. The AC sensors can tell whether someone is in the room or not, and if it detects there is no activity in a room, it will adjust the thermostat for that room accordingly. All of this modern HVAC technology also includes a smart thermostat. All of it is intended to save energy and money.


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School back in the day

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, my sister and I were talking about school back in the day.

  • School was much different than it is today.

Teachers got a lot of respect, and parents were more involved. Teachers have more freedom than they do in their classroom now, and in general school was just more fun and we learned much more. One thing we were not so crazy about is the fact that there was no air conditioning in our school when we were little. This is in the Southeast, and it really is necessary to have air conditioning for the most part. Even so, nobody gave it a second thought. Air conditioning was expensive to buy and expensive to run, and it’s even more expensive now. Now, though, no one would even think about opening school without having air conditioning and heating. But back then Heating and Cooling we’re not a priority. I can’t imagine having been a teacher during those times. Can you imagine? All those stinky kids and no AC. When I was a teenager, we used to joke about how there is nothing more disgusting than a sweaty 9th grade boy. Back in the day, because there was no air conditioning and also because kids went outside to play, the classrooms must have stunk to high heaven. It’s actually another difference between school back in the day in school now. Nowadays, it seems like schools are so focused on standardized test scores that they don’t do much of anything else. Recess is a thing of the past. The only break many kids get during school now is lunch time. I’m sure even that isn’t fun, but at least the lunchroom has AC.


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Opening up the library after the storm provides longed-for AC

Not long ago, we had another big storm.

  • I live in the southeast and it is very common to have hurricanes in this area.

We normally don’t get the really terrible ones because we’re not on the coast, but we do suffer consequences after hurricanes nonetheless. The most inconvenient consequence of a big storm is often the lack of electricity afterwards. The power is guaranteed to go out during any large storm, and it can often take a long time for the city to get your power up and running again. That means that you are without Heating and Cooling. Just about everyone has a grill, so no one worries about being able to cook. What people do worry about is having AC. hurricane season is in the summer months so, for the most part, so normally we need air conditioning during Hurricane Season. The last time we had a big hurricane rip through, no one had any heating or cooling at all. Water heaters weren’t working, so no one could take a nice shower. It was pure misery. That is when the city decided to repair the electricity at the public library as a priority. As soon as the library got functioning electricity again, they went out on the news and invited everyone to make use of their Public Library again. People went in to charge their phones, check on one another, and mostly to enjoy the air conditioning. Personally, I would go in my car and turn on the air-conditioning for short periods of time oh, but that got old fast. I went down to the library and soaked up the free AC 4 Hour On end and read great books in the process.



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The dog park now has heaters

Paris we roll through Autumn and head toward winter, we can never be too sure what the temperature is going to be around here.

I live in the Southeast, and the vast majority of the time, it is hot outside, and everyone uses the air conditioning.

When you live in the Southeast like I do, the air conditioner is your best friend. You use the AC when you drive in your car to work, you get out of your car and walk in the door to the office, and soak up more air conditioning, you stay in the AC all day long, and when you get back in your car you blast the AC once again as you drive home. Even though that’s all true, we do have a short. Of time each year where we don’t need the AC, and sometimes we even need to use heating. I use the furnace as little as possible, and sometimes the only reason I even turn the heater on is for my dog! I don’t want my dog to be freezing. Anyway, this is also a great time of year to take your dog out on adventures. My dog doesn’t get along with others very well, so normally I don’t go anywhere where there is like to be other dogs. Even so, I recently felt like I had to go to one of the dog parks in town because everyone was raving about it. It was quite cold outside that day. The thermostat had dipped overnight and never really gone back up. Even so, I decided to take the dog to the dog park oh, and that is when I discovered that this fabulous dog park has heaters! These portable outdoor heaters are designed to warm up your pop if he gets wet from rain or swims in the pot. I think it is absolutely amazing that the city would be considerate enough to use commercial grade outdoor heaters for our dogs.



Heaters at the outdoor seating area

I recently went out for a nice dinner.

I don’t get to go out to eat nice meals very often because I’m single and I simply don’t have anyone to go with most of the time.

Even though that’s certainly true, every once in a while I find someone to go with me. That was the case a couple of weeks ago. We decided to go to this nice restaurant that overlooks our city park. It’s quite pretty, and it has a good reputation for good food. We also decided we were going to sit outside. That might not have been the best decision, as the thermostats had dipped quite low that night. In fact, the thermostat in my car told me the outdoor temperature was in the 50s. That is quite cold! Nonetheless, I really wanted to sit outside. My friend who went with me inquired of the maitre d about the temperature out on the deck. He assured us that the restaurant had very strong portable heaters that they put in the outdoor seating area. I had no idea there was even such a thing as commercial portable heaters, but I soon discovered that they are quite delightful. These particular heaters on the deck at this restaurant not only provided fabulous heating for us to eat in Comfort, but they also looked super beautiful. They had these glass encased Flames that look like old-fashioned Street lamps, and they created quite a nice Ambience. Between the enjoyable Heating they provided and the enjoyable look they provided, I decided heaters at the outdoor seating area was the smartest thing this restaurant manager had done. We were able to look out over the pond and really enjoy ourselves. I was telling my friend about it, and she laughed and said come outside with me. That is when I saw that she had her own commercial grade portable heaters on her back porch!


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Sitting on the deck

One of my favorite things to do at this time of year is to sit on my back deck.

This is the perfect time of year here in the Southeast.

For most of the year, it is ordinarily really hot outside oh, and we rely on the air-conditioning all day and all night just about every day. When fall rolls around though, in my part of the state, the thermostat dips a little and we can adjust our use of the air conditioning accordingly. My favorite thing to do is to completely shut off the HVAC system, open the windows, and get some fresh air into the house. Where I live now, though, it’s not quite so easy to do that anymore. I rent, and the neighborhood cats are in the habit of destroying the screens around my windows. I have replaced the screens numerous times so I can shut off the HVAC and open the windows; nonetheless, the cats always seem to ruin the experience. One time, I decided that I was indeed going to turn off the AC and open the front window despite the fact that the screen was bent due to the cats. That is when a snake got in my house and curled up on the windowsill. Well, obviously, I figured out a way to get that thing out of my house, shut that window, and turn the AC back on. People like to use the heating at this time of year oh, but the only time I will turn on the heater is if I absolutely have to. My landlord simply asks me to use the heater to keep the pipes from freezing if they are expecting a hard freeze at night. Of course, I agreed to do that, as I certainly don’t want it that cold in the house. Even so, I don’t enjoy using the forced air heating system. Furnaces tend to dry out my sinuses and give me a headache. Like I said, the best part about this time of year is turning off the HVAC and sitting on the deck.

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Working in perfect conditions

I know a lot of people work outside for a living, and I always feel sympathy for them.

I work inside, at a desk, sitting down, and I can barely stand the fluctuations in thermostat readings when I’m inside! Guys that put tar on roofs or dig ditches or work on the roads must have a terrible time.

Right now, though, I am working inside in nearly perfect conditions. We have the best HVAC system in our office building. I truly appreciate it, because at my last job the HVAC system never worked right. Someone was always burning up from too much eating and someone was always freezing from too much air conditioning. The worst time of year was the summer. My boss’s office had inadequate air conditioning, and no matter what he said his thermostat on, it would never get cooler than 73 or 74 degrees in his office. As a result, he would have just the thermostat that took care of my portion of the office oh, and set it down as low as it would go. This was all in an effort to make the air conditioning in my area of the building sort of overflow into his office. I absolutely hated the AC in that building! And my boss made it no better! Because he was always hot due to lack of air conditioning, I had to freeze and have the AC blowing the entire time right on time. I had to wear a sweater in the middle of August in the Southeast! There is just no excuse for that. The owner of the building obviously didn’t want to spend a lot of money replacing or repairing HVAC units, but eventually he did. Even so, the age back problem never got fixed. I’ve been in my new job now for about eight weeks, and I am absolutely loving the fact that the air conditioning is always perfect. The thermostat is set to 72, and whether it is hot outside or cold outside, the HVAC keeps the office building at 72°.



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Going back to the movies

Even little kids love to go into the movie theater and soak up the AC.

Is there anything that you miss doing from pre covid days? The Thing I miss the most is going to the movies. A lot of people think going to the movies is a waste of money, and I admit it is expensive, especially when we all have streaming at our house. Even so, I would go to the movies at least one Saturday afternoon per month. But when the pandemic arrived, that whole thing stopped. And I have really missed it. I recently discovered that the movie theater is opening back up again. I am really looking forward to seeing movies on the big screen, eating popcorn, and relaxing in the free air conditioning. The best thing about movie theaters is that they blast their AC. You walk in the door and you can feel the HVAC right away! I think that is why summer Blockbusters became a thing. In the movie industry, the powers-that-be responded to the needs of the public and created a whole movie season called Summer Blockbusters just so people could go to the movies and get out of the Heat and enjoy the air conditioning. Even little kids love to go into the movie theater and soak up the AC. I admit, I don’t like to go to the movies in the winter, because I really am not a fan of artificial Heating. Just like they blast the AC, many movie theaters will also blast the furnace. That makes me want to call off, dries out my skin, and makes my sinuses hurt. I would just as soon wear a sweater and have no heating being used.All of that is beside the point, however, because I will be going to the movies in the summer and soaking up the free AC like a sponge.

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My own little study room

When I was a student working on my master’s degree in English, I used to like to go to the University library and get a study room.

It’s so funny because until that time I had no idea that libraries even had study rooms for people.

Last Saturday, my internet was not working, and I had to figure out somewhere to get my work done. My freelance writing articles are always due on Sunday, so when Saturday rolled around and I had no internet, I found myself in a bind. That’s when I remembered the little study rooms at my University Library. Of course, I haven’t been a student in many years, so I can no longer use those study rooms. Even so, I thought to myself that perhaps the public library also offers study rooms. I took a chance and drove over to the library and asked at the reference desk. Sure enough they do have a few study rooms that people can reserve and use. They even have a laptop computer in them in case you don’t have 1 and need it! I did bring my own laptop, but it’s nice to know that if I needed to use theirs as I certainly could. Anyway, it has turned out to be quite nice. In fact, I may even come and use these rooms even when I don’t have to. I like the fact that the lighting is quite good and they have really nice air conditioning in this little room. I came in wearing a t-shirt and leggings, and the air conditioning is keeping the room at the perfect temperature. There’s a small mini-split AC unit hanging above the door, any smart thermostat that tells me what the temperature is. right now the smart thermostat is saying it is 71.5 degrees in here. That must be the perfect thermostat setting for me because I’m extremely comfortable. Quiet, good lighting, and perfect HVAC! What more could you ask for when you have work to do?


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