We have some of the most innovative heat and AC products

So long as these systems are taken care of with regular HVAC maintenance, some of our systems can last as long as 25 years, and that’s something that is impressive

I am so proud of our HVAC supplier. We are actually very well known across the nation because of our innovative heat and AC products. We actually have developed some early DIY ductless mini split systems. The whole idea was to appeal to the average homeowner who likely doesn’t want to spend a huge amount of money for an HVAC installation. Our HVAC engineers figured that this would help us in the long term. We would have customers who would need regular HVAC maintenance, so we would seek additional HVAC maintenance contracts. Also, we figured that more people would appreciate our products because we would make them easier to install. Not to mention, our ductless mini splits are more energy efficient compared to some of the most leading brands. Admittedly, most of our products are a little more costly than other HVAC brands, but we offer quality and longevity with these HVAC systems. So long as these systems are taken care of with regular HVAC maintenance, some of our systems can last as long as 25 years, and that’s something that is impressive. I know that our HVAC engineers are always working hard to find better ways for business owners and homeowners to save big money, so I believe we are headed down the right path. I hope eventually we are able to come out with nicer air purification systems too that cover a huge area. We have some of the most advanced UV air purifiers, so a lot of customers have come to appreciate our products for their health and safety also.

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I thought I was in trouble for cranking the AC, but I got a raise

After I was promoted in the office to be one of the head managers, the boss said he was going on vacation for about a month.

  • He asked if I could hold down the fort and keep up with all the deadlines, and I said it wouldn’t be an issue.

I also had a bunch of other things to worry about like getting the HVAC maintenance appointments set up and making sure to change out the HEPA filters in the building. That’s something that I’ve always appreciated about our office building, we always have good air quality because of the HEPA filters and regular ductwork cleaning. We usually keep a strict setting on the thermostat at 74 degrees. Of course, everybody wishes that the AC was working a little harder and I figured it couldn’t hurt to adjust the thermostat to 71 while the main boss was away. Of course, when he came back and saw the costly energy bills, he asked what I did differently that caused such a spike. I honestly didn’t realize the energy bills would be that outrageous and I asked him to forgive me for cranking the AC a little bit. The good news was that by cranking the AC, everybody in the workplace were motivated and got far more work completed than usual. The boss took this into consideration and said that perhaps it was a good idea to crank the AC to get everybody into the work groove. He actually ended up giving me a raise because we got extra money for turning in different workloads early.


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Wish I would have known about zoned HVAC systems sooner

It actually has been years of fighting over the temperature control settings with my wife and children.

  • With my wife, it all started when we first started living together.

The rental home we lived in didn’t even have the best climate control system, but it kept us cool enough in the summer and we never froze to death in the winter. We still fought over the temperature control settings all the time though. My wife also would get mad at me because I always insisted on using a fan when I would sleep. It was a combination of things I loved about using the fan. I loved the cooling effect when I didn’t have enough air conditioning and I also appreciated the white noise coming from the fan. It honestly helped me to sleep a lot easier and I felt like I couldn’t sleep at all without a fan running. When our children were old enough to care about the temperature control settings, things only became worse and there was more fighting in the house. I realized this had to end and finally my wife asked why we didn’t go for a zoned HVAC system. I didn’t even know there was such a thing but she mentioned that we would have customized temperature control settings in each room. I finally called an HVAC professional to get the details about these systems and it looked good. So, we had the new zoned HVAC installed and life has been so much easier! Now I wonder how long my wife knew about zoned HVAC systems because we could have ended our misery a long time ago.


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My buddy failed to mention the central AC wasn’t working

When my buddy asked if I would come over to his house to help him fix his printer, I wished he would’ve given me a heads up about his broken AC system.

He said he had an HVAC expert who was supposed to arrive and he would have the cooling system working in no time.

Well, I worked on that printer for a few hours replacing different parts and then testing it out. During that time, no HVAC professional ever showed up and I was kind of disappointed about that. I told my buddy that I would love to stick around and have some drinks, but it was way too overheated at his house. I also told him if he would’ve told me about the cooling system issue, I would’ve brought my window AC unit that we could’ve hooked up so we wouldn’t have been so overheated in the house while I was working on the printer. All my buddy could do was apologize, but it honestly wasn’t such a big deal. At least we were able to use the ceiling fans and that helped a good amount, but I still wished that I had access to the air conditioning. It wasn’t until I was already leaving when I saw the HVAC van pull up. My buddy said I should stick around since the HVAC pro was there, and I decided to hang out and play some video games and enjoy some drinks. The HVAC pro finished in about 30 minutes with the AC repair which was actually pretty fast!

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My wife decided to get me a fancy early birthday gift

The other day when I went to check the mailbox, there was some kind of package that I was certain I didn’t order. Still, my name was on the package so I decided to open it. Here was this awesome looking smart thermostat. I went to ask my wife if she ordered a smart thermostat and then she told me that I ruined the surprise! She said she got this as an early birthday gift and she wanted to have it installed for me before I saw it, but I had to go and run to the mailbox first! She said since I already opened it, I could install it if I wanted. I really did want to see what this new thermostat could do, so I didn’t hesitate to check out the installation video and get it secured into the wall. It really wasn’t that difficult to install to be honest and I’m no HVAC expert. It didn’t take long to figure out the smart app either, the thermostat makes it easy to remotely control the temperature control settings. It even has more advanced features like installing other smart equipment that helps to keep the temperatures just right and save money. I saw I could install smart curtains that would automatically block the sunlight from pouring through the windows which would give the AC system some relief and save energy. I definitely am planning to get some smart curtains! I’m just thinking, if my wife got me an early birthday gift that’s this nice, what am I going to get on my actual birthday?

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My wife wanted to go on an exotic vacation

The water seemed so refreshing and it was a very pleasant experience

When I asked my wife what she wanted to do for vacation this year, she was interested in doing something entirely exotic. She wanted to go to an island resort where we would stay in a hut without any electricity. While this sounded interesting, I didn’t want to be inside an overheated hut without a cooling system in tropical weather conditions. We ended up booking this interesting resort where it was just as she said, there was no electricity. I did tell her though that I wouldn’t go without having a solar panel and a portable cooling unit. When we got to this island, I had to admit it was something of a paradise. The place was absolutely beautiful and while the huts we were sleeping in didn’t have electricity, the bar sure had it! Well, actually, they had solar panels just like I brought along with me. Some other bar goers thought it was smart of us to bring our own portable AC unit with a solar panel to hook up too. While I did use the portable cooling system in the day, the nights actually became comfortable enough to turn off the cooling unit. We also went for swims in the crystal clear water which was something we really needed. The water seemed so refreshing and it was a very pleasant experience. I think I used the foldable solar panel more to charge our phones than use the cooling equipment, but I was still glad to have the cooling unit with us. It was sad when we eventually had to go home, but my wife says we can do this again sometime.

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The consensus among my buddies is that smart thermostats are better

He had to admit though, he liked the smart thermostat way better because he could adjust the temperature control settings wherever he was

I remember when I was hanging out with my buddies about a month ago and one friend said we should all invest in smart thermostats. While I didn’t think it was a bad idea, I had an old dial thermostat that was still working fine. I said it wasn’t broken so I wasn’t planning on replacing it anytime soon. Another buddy said he already was saving a lot of money because he was using a programmable thermostat. He said he had been saving a lot of money on his energy bills for the longest time. Then another friend said he wasn’t sure what kind of thermostat he had, but it wasn’t anything impressive. We all talked about perhaps putting the smart thermostats to the test, to see if we would actually save money. The test would be to try out the new smart thermostats because there was a two month money back guarantee with the smart thermostats we were looking at. So we all got the smart thermostats and installed them at the same time and we paid careful attention to our energy bills to see if we were actually saving money. The only friend who saved very little money was the one who was already using a programmable thermostat. He had to admit though, he liked the smart thermostat way better because he could adjust the temperature control settings wherever he was. We all agreed that we enjoyed that feature. When I asked if anybody was going to return their smart thermostat, nobody wanted to, which just goes to show, smart thermostats are better.

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My brother got me such a fancy smart thermostat

My brother got me this very nice touchscreen smart thermostat this last Christmas.

I remember how excited I was reading about the many different features like geofencing and learning mode.

This thermostat learned my preferred temperature control settings very quickly and the geofencing makes it so the temperature control settings go to minimal settings when I leave a certain perimeter around my house. This way, the smart thermostat knows I am leaving, so the settings are easily adjusted so that I will save a lot of money on the energy bills. My brother told me a long time ago that smart thermostats are the future when it comes to controlling your HVAC system, and he was right about that. When I think about it though, I didn’t really need this fancy touchscreen thermostat. I rarely touch the screen because I simply use my phone to adjust the temperature control settings most of the time. And honestly, I rarely even have to do that because my smart thermostat already has the perfect schedule based on my history with my temperature control settings. One of the best things is how much money I am saving with this smart thermostat. I’m saving somewhere around 10 percent at least and that’s nothing to scoff at! I also appreciate how my smart thermostat reminds me when to change my air filters and tells me when my HVAC maintenance is due, so I never forget! It’s funny sometimes when I tell my brother, because he still reminds me that I probably never would have gotten the smart thermostat if he didn’t buy me one. I guess he’s right about that.

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The ductless multi-split system has been a life saver

I must say that I am really happy that I had a ductless multi-split installed in my home! I used to have all kinds of issues with family members fighting over the temperature control settings and the temperatures always seemed to be uneven around the house.

I had issues with keeping the ductwork system cleaned because it always seemed to clog up so fast.

Well, switching to ductless made it so I didn’t have to worry about keeping up with the ductwork. Also the new HVAC system is far more energy efficient and we have multiple zones in the house now. I think what I love the most are the wireless thermostats. I can’t tell you how fantastic it is to be able to keep the wireless thermostat next to me and I can easily adjust the temperature control settings remotely with that thermostat. Also when you have the thermostat next to you, it seems to make the zone more comfortable. That’s my personal experience at least. I had to tell the children though that they better not lose their wireless thermostats in their rooms. This is why I tell them to keep the thermostats mounted in their respective holders. I would be highly disappointed if I found any of the wireless thermostats were broken, because new thermostats are not cheap! It seems they have all been doing alright though. One thing I really can’t get over though is the fact that I am saving more money on the energy bills than ever before! This is the case even when it seems that all of us are cranking the AC settings!


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The AC condenser was making some crazy noises

I felt kind of stupid for not keeping on top of that.

For about a week, I kept hearing these crazy noises coming from the AC condenser unit. This kept making me wake up in the middle of the night and I actually felt like I wasn’t getting enough sleep. I would go into work tired and there were a few times when I fell asleep at my computer station! Something else I noticed was that my AC system didn’t seem to be working as well as it was in previous months. So I finally decided to call an HVAC professional to come out to check my AC system. He found out that the AC condenser unit was totally clogged up with leaves and debris, so he cleaned all that out for me. He then discovered that I had a dirty air filter which he explained was a common reason for repair calls. He kept talking about how he couldn’t believe how many people didn’t remember to change their air filters regularly, and he said I should pay more attention to the air filter changes. I felt kind of stupid for not keeping on top of that. When the AC condenser was cleaned and there was a fresh air filter in the HVAC, the cooling system didn’t make any more crazy sounds after that. I thought the problem was more serious, but the HVAC expert explained it could’ve been worse if I didn’t call to have my cooling system checked right away like I did. I sure am glad I called up the HVAC company. I don’t think I could have gotten any more sleep though if I didn’t get my cooling system worked on.

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